Anti is good when it comes to inflammation

Anti is good when it comes to inflammation!

So if you’ve been stuck with me for some time I’m hoping you’re becoming more anti than pro.

And I get it, it’s confusing, isn’t it?

Because usually, all we want are ‘pros’.

We’re always weighing up the pros and cons, the good and bad.

But for us, we have to flip this on its head.

We have to ditch the pro and draw in the anti.

And when it comes to fats and inflammation it’s important you focus on ditching the pros.

And you can start by limiting or removing the following high fat foods:

        • Red meats. (lamb, beef, pork- although organic and grass-fed animals may be more beneficial)
        • Sausages
        • Bacon
        • French fries/Chips
        • Potato Chips/Crisps
        • Corn oils
        • Soybean oil
        • Margarine.
        • Foods fried in oil
        • Food fried in high temperatures

If you’re ready to ditch the pro you’ll do well by starting with the above foods.

This isn’t about ditching all of them at once. Choose 1 to 3 of the above to start on.

And only choose up to 3 as we don’t want stress!

Only happiness around here!!

Happy ditching!




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