Are you a blue mooner? The different effects of alcohol and inflammation.

Are you a blue mooner? The different effects of alcohol and inflammation.




A difficult subject to approach.

It’s like the sugar and fat stuff, isn’t it?

We know we shouldn’t be having too much of it. But we enjoy it!!!!


Now, I’m a once-in-a-blue-moon type of girl when it comes to alcohol.

But I understand for lots of people, this isn’t the case.

And I appreciate how difficult it can be to live a tee-total life.


So I’ll be coming from a ‘You can have that, but…’ angle throughout this whole topic.


I’ll give you the facts about alcohol and inflammation.

And the choice is yours with what you do with it!!


Does alcohol affect inflammation


So you might remember previous posts where I wrote about Acute Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation.

Anything acute is short-lived and anything termed chronic is long-term.


And this is the issue with alcohol.

You can have alcohol-induced inflammation that is Acute or Chronic!

For many, drinking alcohol will lead to headaches, maybe vomiting and tiredness the next day.

The effects of drinking the day before have produced an acute inflammation response which will most likely only last for 1 day.



But then in some people, the response from drinking alcohol may last a lot longer than 1 day.

It may lead to liver disease which may have been caused by daily drinking or large amounts of alcohol.



And maybe you’re like me, alcohol can enhance the symptoms of my diseases. More pain and an increase in specific disease-related symptoms. This can cause me to feel unwell for many days.


Are you the same?


If it is, you could use the tracker to experiment with this to pick up on any increase in symptoms when you drink alcohol.

And if you’re not aware of this, maybe experiment for a few weeks and see if you notice differences between when you drink alcohol to when you don’t drink it.


Remember, as humans it’s hard to put the blame on something we enjoy!







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