Are you a chronic illness sufferer trying to find that diet that will heal you!

Are you focusing on the right thing?


There’s one thing you focus on!




What is it?







If you experience issues with joint pain like arthritis, it’ll be normal.

You possibly:

      • Struggle to get out of bed in the morning.
      • Struggle to stand and walk for long periods.
      • Can’t sit or lie down for long periods of time.


So you deserve to be thinking about pain!!


What else would you focus on, right?!



When you’re in pain, the next job is to ease the pain.

So you take whatever it takes to ease the pain IMMEDIATELY!!


What else are you to do?!




There is another way!!!


Instead, it’s best to focus on easing the pain…







Sorry, not what you want to read.

You’re looking for quick results!



But GRADUAL is the way to go to get long-term relief!!


You can do this with activities which involve diet, exercise and relaxation.


These are…


Anti-inflammatory activities


So your role is to be doing…


anti-inflammatory activities


instead of


pro-inflammatory activities.


Anti-inflammatory activities will not give you IMMEDIATE pain relief but instead help with long-term pain relief, and it’s noticeable over time!

Focusing on ‘anti’ instead of ‘pro’ inflammatory activities allows your body to rest and calm down. 

People who have chronic illnesses like arthritis and autoimmune disease will have triggers that spark pain.

These triggers could be due to substances in foods we eat.

Or it could be due to the way we move.

And these triggers, unfortunately, are very hard to spot.


And in reverse, there are exercises and substances in foods that can help!

But, when it comes to foods it’s knowing what these foods are. It’s knowing:

      • What diet to choose?
      • Which diet will work for you?
      • How you’ll react to these changes?


It’s so confusing!

So I can bet you’ve been searching, haven’t you?


Are you a chronic illness sufferer trying to find that diet that will heal you?

Have you been searching, endlessly and tirelessly googling for that one diet that will be the magical cure for all?

I get it!

I’ve been there too!!

I’m diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Graves Disease, a hormonal disease called Polycystic Ovarian Disease and Arthritis.

So I understand how it feels to endlessly be searching for answers and hope! 

I think we all do it when we’re newly diagnosed with a chronic disease.

It’s normal.

But what do we choose?!

There’s so many of them!

And lots of diets are good. They’re good at getting some quick results.

Helping to create some relief from the daily issues some of us have.

But there’s an issue.

What’s the issue, you ask?

Well, don’t you think they, (those people and companies that promote these diets) make it all sound sooooo…








I hate that these diets make everything seem soooo easy.

When in fact these diets are so incredibly hard.

And I don’t mean in the short term.  I’m quite sure most of us can stick to these diets for a few weeks.


But I’m guessing, like me, you haven’t got a disease that’s going to last a few weeks.

Our diseases are here for the long haul.  A blooming huge long haul.

And these restrictive diets aren’t built for the long haul.

Instead, they’re built for STRESS!!

So I’m here to give you choices, as someone diagnosed with chronic illnesses and as a nutritional therapist. 

Most nutritional therapists aren’t huge fans of diets. 

Instead, we’re about creating a way of adding, reducing or removing foods, drinks and nutrients (such as fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals) that don’t increase stress.

Stress is most likely a huge part of your chronic disease.

So why cause more stress with a so-called healing diet?!

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

It doesn’t to me!

So instead, I have something to help you to identify your trigger foods. 

I have a free checklist that will help you to identify what’s causing symptoms. 

And I have a free tracker to help you gradually reduce these trigger foods.

You’ll also have emails from me to give you information about inflammation and help you stay motivated.  

This will help you do things GRADUALLY,  instead of INSTANTLY removing every food you’ve ever had out of your life. 

Cause that’s bloody hard!

And HARD will make you absolutely MISERABLE and will most likely bring on more issues in the long run!


If you’d like to get the FREE checklist and tracker, and also have me popping into your email inbox to help you,  click the images below and find out more…

Not sure about receiving emails?  I’ve provided examples of emails you’ll receive, you can read them by clicking the READ THE NEXT POST links…  These emails provide information and motivation!


Hello, I’m Cheryl. I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist.

I’m diagnosed with 3 chronic illnesses and have had fantastic results using nutrition and yoga.

I provide information about nutrition and yoga to help people to relieve the daily grind of being a chronic illness sufferer. 

Information is suitable for people suffering from autoimmune, hormonal and thyroid conditions. It’s also beneficial for joint/skeletal-related conditions such as arthritis.

Find out about the anti-inflammatory checklist and tracker


how it can help you!

Click one of the images below!

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