Are you stuck in a chronic illness bubble?

Are you stuck in a chronic illness bubble?


It’s hard when you’ve tried everything under the sun.


And nothing seems to be working.


Ever felt like that when trying to manage your illness?


Well, I get it, I’ve felt like this many a time.


And this is why I want to share my journey and tips I’ve learnt along the way, because…


This stuff can get lonely.


You can feel like a lone wolf.


Nobody understands what you go through on a daily basis.

No friend, family member or medical professional seems to understand or sympathise with what you’re going through.

It feels as though no one wants to understand the symptoms you experience every day.

No one wants to understand the side effects of medication.


And when no one wants to understand your emotional and physical pains it feels as though…


No one cares!


And when no one cares. You feel alone and lost.


This makes all this chronic illness stuff isolating.


You feel stuck in an isolating bubble, where you’re constantly bouncing around in your own world figuring out stuff to try so you can burst out and live like the ‘no one cares’ people.

This seeking to be ‘normal’ feels so lonely.

And so, by sharing my issues with chronic illnesses and what I’ve done to break through parts of the bubble I hope you feel less lonely.

Now, I say parts of the bubble.




Well, my illnesses have no cure.


So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may never be completely out of the bubble.

But I’ve been able to pop a few holes through the bubble so I can breathe and feel free.

These holes have been achieved by using nutrition, movement (yoga exercises), breathing and meditation practices.


And so, I’m just an online voice that has been where you are.


And I’m an online voice that is still experiencing what you experience.


I’ll be sharing things with my voice on YouTube and on Podcast.

And I’ll be sharing things in a written format through emails and on my blog.



Well, I understand your pain.

And I care about your pain.


And I want to help you pop some holes in your bubble so you can feel more free and breathe.

I want you to feel like there’s someone that gets you.

And I hope my understanding and care will make you feel less lonely!!!

So here’s to me being in your corner, you’re no longer a lone wolf.






P.s. Check out the video below which explains why I’m sharing with you!






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I’m diagnosed with 3 chronic illnesses and I’ve had fantastic results using nutrition and yoga.

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