Diet Makeover


Hi, I’m Cheryl.

I help people to lead healthier lives using Coaching, Nutrition, Natural Supplements, Exercise and Relaxation.

I help people who want a healthier life! 

This can range from weight loss to people who are living with life long chronic conditions! 


Not sure if your current diet is right for you?

Get a diet makeover!


What’s involved?

We’ll communicate for approximately 3-5 days talking about your current health and diet.  Our communication will involve exchanging text, images and voice (voice note) messages using communication apps such as WhatsApp or Voxer.

When step 1 is completed I’ll prepare a dietary makeover report.

Once the report is completed, you’ll receive the report and we’ll spend 2 days together exchanging text and voice (voice note) messages so we can discuss my recommendations.


By the end of our time together you’ll have a dietary makeover report and full understanding of the recommendations.


Having the dietary makeover will:

✅ Give you new ways of eating the foods you enjoy!  

✅ Alert you to foods which are sparking certain health issues!

✅ Give you an understanding of the foods in your current diet to avoid and why!

✅ Give you an understanding of foods to add to your diet and why!

✅ Give you new ways to eat your meals and the benefits to your health!

✅ Give you a personalised way of eating based on you and your current health. 


All this for only $333

To get started or to find out more contact me using the form below!