Embracing Solitude Fitness Regimes: How Introverts Can Embrace Fitness and Exercise

Are you an introvert?

If you are, nice to meet you!

And I hope I’m not too draining for you.

Please have a rest after reading this post, as I understand that you may need a rest after reading this post!!

Only joking!!

I get it!

I’m an introvert too!

Why do you think I’m here writing this post instead of mingling and talking to a group of people?

I do this because I love my own space.

If I had to talk all this stuff in front of a room of people I’d need a week to recover.

That’s why I enjoy writing and speaking on my lonesome because I enjoy my own space!

So does this mean that introverts are limited when it comes to fitness activities?

Hell no, does it!

In fact, we may be able to use this as an advantage!


I encourage you to use your introvertness to its full potential.

Now, it can be difficult when trying to get fit, because straight away we feel we need to attend fitness centers where there’s lots of people.

Just the thought of having to step into a crowded gym and full-to-brim fitness classes may have you break out into a cold sweat.

But you mustn’t feel the need to push yourself into an extrovert fitness box.

Be yourself!

And being yourself means embracing fitness regimes that you can do in solitude.

Listen, it’s OK to cherish solitude and quiet moments if that’s what charges you.

Extroverts are charged by busy environments and people.

For us, we’re not, and that’s OK.

When I ran my yoga studio I offered small intimate classes and one-to-one classes.


Well, I recognised that people came to me because I had a smaller space than many gyms and yoga centres.

People told me they had done yoga at gyms and hated it because there were too many people in these places.

So that was one reason.

The other reason was me. I liked one-to-one sessions and small classes because I’m an introvert!

Large classes drained me, but small classes charged my energy!

See my point!

So we must seek environments that give us energy and give us peace and comfort!

What would this look like?

Well, this could be going out for walks, exercising at home with videos online, hiring a personal trainer or seeking fitness teachers who work on a one-to-one basis.

The fantastic thing about the world we live in is the internet!

I heard a phrase the other day terming YouTube as the YouTube university.  We can learn anything and everything with the courtesy of YouTube.

And you can use the YouTube university for fitness.

There’s lots of videos on YouTube.

The only issue of course is trailing through a plethora of videos to find the right ones.

But it’s there!

And it’s an introvert’s dream!

Your trainer is in your house and not even there in person!

You gotta love that!

So don’t feel like this world is only for extroverts because it isn’t.

This world (and especially the internet) is made for us.

I talk about this in the podcast below!!

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