Embracing Your Unique Path to Health and Happiness: Making Lifestyle Changes Your Way

We have this belief, don’t we?

The belief that we’ll have greater health and happiness if we change our lifestyle.

And yes, this isn’t wrong!

But what is wrong is the activities and the length of time we push on ourselves to make this happen!

The activities of exercises we must do, therapies we need to do, supplements we need to take and the biggie…

The food we eat!

All of this is the pressure we put on ourselves.

And in the process of putting this pressure on ourselves is the pressure of stress.

Is this worth it?

Is it worth pushing your body at all costs to achieve health and happiness that we can’t feel and see?

You see, we can’t feel and see the results because the results are yet to come!

So, wouldn’t it be better to make small incremental changes?

Changes that suit where you’re at, at this present moment.

And that’s what I talk and write about in a post/podcast called Elevate Your Life Your Way.

The link to the post is here.

You see when changing your lifestyle it must  be your lifestyle, not mine, but…


This isn’t a change of lifestyle that mirrors someone on social media, it’s not about their lifestyle, it’s about…

Your lifestyle!!

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I’m not about making changes that are difficult. 

Simple is my middle name and I believe simple is the game…

[See what I did there, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it!!!]

Anyway this is about making simple changes that can last a lifetime instead of a day!!

If that interests you come and join me over on substack!!!!


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