Empower Your Life with A Single Click: Embracing Convenience for Health and Wellness

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We live in a world where we can access anything with the click of a button.

Click a button and you can have whatever you want.

There’s no need to move out of your house.

Need a new outfit, order it with a click of a button and tomorrow it’s with you.

Want something to eat?

You don’t need to buy ingredients or stand for hours to cook.

No, no, no.

Just find something you fancy eating, click that button and you can eat it in 20 minutes.

Click that button and have whatever you want.

We’ve never had it so good.

And this is even the case for exercise.

We don’t need to step out of our houses.

Exercise is brought to us.

Just click a button and have a class right in front of us.

That’s the power of living in this modern world.

This can be hugely beneficial for people who don’t want to be in a crowd.

Or people where leaving the house is difficult like people diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

Instead, just click a button and a class is with you.

There’s no need to leave your house.

So it may be seen that the click-of-the-button stuff is lazy.

You should leave your house to go to a fitness center to do exercise classes.

But why?

It’s there for you.

And if your circumstances make leaving the house difficult then why should you cause more pain to your mind and body by leaving your house?

Also, online fitness classes are an introvert’s dream. I wrote about the benefits of exercise for introverts and how we can embrace exercise on our own to read it click here.

I get the introvert stuff, as I’d class myself as an introvert, I love my own space and find being around others draining.


Gone are the days when you have to force yourself to be around people.

Feeling self-conscious because you can’t do what others can do.

And yes, we should be focusing on what we’re doing.

But you can’t help but look at others when they’re right in front of your face.

So use the click of a button to not be lazy!

Just click a button and find a workout suitable for you.

There’s so many workout videos online, there are tons on YouTube.

We have fitness classes on tap, and…

no one can watch you or you watch them!

You don’t need the latest sports gear to attend.

Just rock up to your bedroom wearing your comfy house clothes.

You know those sweatpants you’ve had since 2001 with holes in them that you can’t part with?

You got a pair of those too!

Great, I don’t feel so left out.

Anyway, wear your clothes full of holes, move some furniture in your living room and hey presto there’s your fitness center.

So no excuse, get some movement in your life and click that button!

Enjoy finding your online class,

Cheryl 😉

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Podcast Shownotes/Transcription

(00:00:01): INTRODUCTION


So today I am talking about empowering your life with a single click.

And it’s about embracing convenience when it comes to health and wellness.

So my name is Cheryl Best.

I’m trained as a nutritional therapist and a yoga teacher.

I’m living with a few chronic illnesses.

Two of them i would say don’t really cause me much issue at the moment.

One is particularly bothersome at the moment, ups and downs with it, but as I’ve done before, i’m going to beat this one.

I’m here to share my ups and downs with living with chronic illnesses but also to be give health and wellness tips

I tend to speak what I’ve written in my posts about health and wellness.

So this is a post that I’ve written about empowering  your life with a single click.

So i will reading my post and also throwing in my two pence worth based on what I’ve written.

So if you are reading the post it might be a good idea to also come and listen to me.

It’s a good idea to also listen to me if you are finding me through my wordpress website.

So let’s get to it.


So we live in a world where we can access anything with a click of a button.

You can just click a button and you can have whatever you want.

It’s fantastic world we are living in.

It might be deemed as being a bit lazy.

But it’s fantastic and it’s convenient.

I think that’s the main thing.

It’s so convenient to be living in this world that we live in now, especially with the Internet and being able to have things at a click of a button.

So there’s no need to move out of your house.

Need a new outfit?

Order it with a click of a button.

And tomorrow, well, usually tomorrow, it’s with you.

If you want something to eat, then you don’t need to go out and buy ingredients or stand for hours to cook.

And, especially if you are dealing with a chronic illness, a lot of the times you do not want to be standing around because you haven’t got the energy to be standing around.

So don’t feel guilty if you have those days where you need to have a takeout or get a takeaway.

It’s fine.

Yeah, it’s fine to do that.

I know that I’m a trained nutritional therapist, but that doesn’t mean that I’m all about everything having to be healthy,

There are times when a takeaway is all you need.

So I totally get that.

There’s no need stand around for hours on end to cook because you can just get something at a click of a button,

And you can get some very healthy stuff as well at a click of a button.

And so you just click the button, pay whatever you need to pay, and hopefully, within 20 minutes or maybe within an hour at least, you can be eating something.


So we’ve never had it so good, have we, really, when it comes to convenience.

That convenience could be that you are working all of the hours God sends

and you’re absolutely shattered.

So coming home and having to create this meal that’s going to take hours is possibly something that you do not want to be doing, or you haven’t got the energy to be doing.

And so being able to have something there that you can find, a takeaway that you can get for those odd days where you’re absolutely drained, is fantastic for things like that.


So when it comes to exercise, the internet can also be great and you don’t need to step out of your house.

Exercise is brought to you.

So with just a click of a button, you can have a class right in front of you.

That’s the power of living in this modern world.

And this can be hugely beneficial for people that don’t really like being part of a crowd.

It could also be very beneficial if you are diagnosed with chronic illnesses and the thought of having to get all your gym gear ready and also get yourself out the house and travel in pain.

That can be really difficult.

So the thought that you can just click a button and something can appear exercise wise right in front of you is fantastic.

You know, this click of a button stuff, it can seem as though we are being lazy.

But it’s not laziness.

And especially it’s not laziness if you are doing this for fitness purposes.

No, it’s not lazy at all.

So, should you leave your house to go to a fitness centre to do exercise classes?

I say no, there’s no need to.

You can have it right there in your living room.

And like I said, if your circumstances make it quite difficult for you to leave the house, then why should you experience pain to your mind and body?

Why should you experience that by having to force yourself to leave or come out of

the house when it’s there and ready for you?

Right, so it’s not a lazy way, especially if you’re doing this for something good.

So don’t worry about feeling that you’re being lazy because really you should be going to a gym.

Or really you should be attending a yoga class or really I should be coming out and finding a Pilates class or whatever it is.

Because you’ve got yoga classes, tons of them, and Pilates classes, tons of them…



So don’t feel guilty about it.

And also online fitness classes are an

an introvert’s dream. 

I wrote about the benefits of exercise for introverts and so I’m going to put a link to that post because you know there are things that you can do on your own and I’m saying this as a fellow introvert myself.

I might not sound like I’m an introvert but I am an introvert.

I love my own space.

And I do find being around people at times quite draining.

And it’s not that the people are draining.

Sometimes it’s just the environment.

It’s just the feeling kind of sardined in a class,

You know when you’re just stuck and feeling like you can’t move.

Sometimes it can feel a bit claustrophobic because I might want to move in my own kind of way.

But then feeling forced that I have to do things because I’m seeing other people

doing things in a certain way.

So if you are an introvert, then, having access to these online classes…

It’s an introvert’s dream!

So gone are the days where you have to force yourself to be around people. 

That doesn’t have to happen these days.

Gone are the days when you have to feel self-conscious because you can’t do what other people can do.

This used to be a big one when I had my yoga studio 


So I used to own a yoga studio and I

used to teach group classes and private one-to-one based yoga classes.

At the moment I’m not doing any yoga teaching wise, I was teaching people in their homes.

But at the moment, I’ve not been able to do that.

But the one big thing that used to happen, especially in group classes, was this kind of looking at other people, the looky loos!

And then I used to get the comments back to me where some students would say…

I don’t think I’m suitable for this class.

And I’d be like, why?

And the answer would be well…

I saw this person and she’s doing things like this and I can’t get my body to do that.

And even though I would give lots of different variations of postures (yoga exercises)  and I would also give examples of props to use.

So I used to use a lot of props.

So in yoga, we have yoga blocks and yoga straps. I used to also use chairs quite a bit as a prop.

So I would demonstrate different variations of ways that we could do one exercise.

But the ego gets in the way.

And when the ego gets in the way, it’s kind of forcing you, saying…

I need to do the most advanced thing.

And you don’t need to.

You just do what is right for your body.

But when there’s other people in the class and you’re seeing flexible Jane you’re thinking…

I want to do what Flexible Jane’s doing.

I want to do what she’s doing.

But you can’t do it yet.

But in your head, you’re still feeling you need to do it and compete with Flexible Jane.

And you don’t need to do that.

And so the benefits of having an online class is that there’s nobody around to compare yourself to.

You can only compare yourself.

I mean, you can compare yourself to the instructor, I suppose.

Or you can compare yourself if it’s a group class with other people in the online class.

But really, there’s nobody else in the room.

And so you don’t need to feel as though, I’ve got this person next to me and they’re doing X, Y, Z so I need to force my body to be able to do that.

No, you don’t need to do that at all.

So that’s another huge, huge benefit of having online classes.

And yes, I know we should be focusing on what we’re doing.

We shouldn’t be really looking at other people.

And a big part of yoga is the self.

But it can be quite difficult if you’re that type of person and you’ve got 20 other people around you and they seem to know what they’re doing and they seem to be a lot more flexible and stronger than you.

And that can make you feel quite self-conscious.

So it’s difficult to just focus on you instead of focusing on other people 


So the click of a button isn’t a lazy thing.

I just want to keep saying that.

And with a click of a button you can find a workout that is suitable for you.

Now this can be can be a difficult thing.

I think this is the part that can be difficult, especially if you’re not working with a person or especially if you’re not working with somebody on a one to one basis as you’ll probably need to trawl through a lot of online videos to find something that is right for you.

But they’re out there and there’s tons of them.

And if you’ve got the patience to go through them, it’s a good thing.

And it might be beneficial that instead of you just picking out a random class or a random video that you find on YouTube, it would be a good idea to watch the video first.

So watch it and think, can I do that?

And if it’s a huge yes, then that might be a video that you could be doing on a regular basis.

I wouldn’t say…

that you should choose a video and then you

work alongside it for the very first time, I wouldn’t advise that.

I would advise to watch the video first, get a feel for it, seeing if you could do some of

the exercises and then you should work with the video on a daily or weekly basis.

You don’t want to be forcing yourself to do something that could cause harm, especially if you’re a beginner to all of this kind of stuff.

So there’s tons of classes on YouTube, we’ve got fitness classes on tap.

And the benefit is that no one can watch you and you can’t watch them either.


So it’s just you and you know the huge thing about fitness classes especially if it’s in your home is that…

You don’t need to be wearing the latest attire.

Late last year into this year I was going to the gym.

So it’s 2024, we are in July now, in February 2024 I had a flare-up of my back so I’ve not been able to teach yoga or do anything really for the last few months.

I was attending the gym and there were people of all ages there.

You get youngsters there, the body beautifuls and some of the outfits.

My, my, my.

You see some lovely outfits when you’re going there.

And you know I’ll just rock up wearing clothes from the past 10-15 years which possibly won’t be deemed as being fashionable but I’m rocking up like that and for me I don’t care.

I really couldn’t care what I look like.

I was going to the gym with my daughter who’s a teenager and so you know she’s got the beautiful body and she’ll be going there with the latest gym gear.

And I would rock up with whatever I’m going out in and she’d turn to me and say mum you’re not going to the gym looking like that are you?

She doesn’t want me to be an embarrassment to her.

But when it’s in your house, you don’t need to impress anyone, do you?

You can wear your lovely, comfy house clothes.

You’ve got those sweatpants that you’ve probably had since like 1995 with the holes in them, you know, those kind of sweatpants.

The sweatpants you can’t part with because they’re just so comfortable

I’ve got those. 

I’m sure you can hear the passion.

Those clothes where I just love them and can’t get rid of them.

They’re probably about 25 years old and they look dreadful but they’re so comfortable.

Well you know those clothes…

You can wear those in your home and nobody is around to see you wearing them.

You can exercise in comfort.

And I know you’ve got a pair of those sweatpants.

So that’s another great thing as well.

You don’t need to be dressing up.

You don’t need to make sure that you’ve got your brand named sporting gear on.

You can be wearing whatever.

So there’s no excuse, absolutely no excuse because you can wear your clothes that have got loads of holes in them.

All you need to do is move your furniture around if you’ve got quite a congested living room or bedroom.

And that’s your gym or fitness center.

You don’t need to go anywhere, so no excuse.

So go and get some movement in your life.

And remember, it’s just a click of a button.

There’s no excuse.

There’s tons of things we can be doing.


So I hope you do go and think about online fitness classes.

And, you know, there’s a lot of 10 minute workouts online.

You don’t need to be forcing yourself to do an hour class, because that’s a big thing.

A lot of classes are 60 minutes or 45 minutes long.

Some yoga classes can be 90 minute classes.

When I used to teach yoga, one-to-ones especially, I always started my one-to-one students with 30 minutes.

And I could see into their minds, they’re thinking…

“30 minutes, what’s the point?”

But once we’d start, they were like, oh my gosh…

“I did think Cheryl, is 30 minutes enough?”

And then they would say, do you know what…

“30 minutes is just enough, thank you very much”.

And then they would understand…

There’s a reason why she started me off on 30 minutes.

Because especially if you’re attending a fitness session, going to the gym or whatever it is with chronic illnesses it’s best to do small amounts of exercise.

A lot of the people that I would have with yoga classes, especially one-to-one students, were coming because they had spinal injuries.

Some of them had issues with their hips.

Some of them had hip replacements.

There was a whole host of reasons, some people with MS and Arthritis.

And so…

For me to straight away make these people do 60 minutes of exercise (yoga – physical movements) was way too much.

And so for a long time, it would be that we started off with 30 minutes.

And then I would always say, when you feel ready and when I can see that you’re feeling a lot stronger, let’s see if we can do a bit more.

Let’s see if we can push this to maybe 40, 45 minutes.

And then we’d get to the stage where the student would come to me and say, you know what, Cheryl?

I feel quite good now with 30 minutes.

30 minutes was a struggle for me six months ago.

But now I’m ready to do 45 minutes.

And then we do the 45 minutes and then they’d say, OK, let’s shoot for an hour now.

And that could take a year!

So, 60 minutes classes, for a lot of people, 90 minute classes, sometimes two hour classes or attending the gym for 60 minutes can be way too much for a lot of people.

Way too much!


So the beauty of online classes is that you can choose the duration.

It might even be five minutes.

Now you’ve got a lot of these HIIT classes, high intensity training classes, some of them are only five minute long classes.

And that might be what you need to get started.

So don’t feel that you need to find this great big lengthy class because you don’t need that.

I’m a big advocate of tiny kind workouts, especially if you’re new to exercise.

It’s probably more beneficial for you to be doing 10 minutes of exercise every single day than you to be shooting for an hour of exercise once a week.

It might seem as though it’s exactly the same thing, but it’s not.

It’s very different.

It’s more about consistency when it comes to exercise.

I’m going way off script here.

So, anyway, go out there, have a look online and see what you can find.

Like I said, watch the video first.

Don’t feel like you need to do everything in the video, especially if it’s your first time.

Watch it first, get a feel of it.

Think and ask yourself, is this right for me?

Yes or no.

If it is, then that will be the video for you.

If it’s not, keep going and trawling through YouTube or wherever you’re going to be using to look for your fitness class and keep going for it.

This isn’t lazy.

It’s not lazy at all.

You’re doing a lot of good for your body and you do not need to leave your house.

You can be doing things.

You can be doing fitness.

You can be doing exercise in the comfort of your living room!!

Right, I will finish it up there.

You have a fantastic day.

You take care, 

Cheryl 👋 

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