Let’s make this a stress-free zone! |PCOS and stress series.

PCOS and Stress Series


Part 1 – Let’s make this a stress-free zone!


My promise to you!

To create a stress-free zone!


And it’s important that whatever contact I have with you must be stress-free!






Well, if you’re reading this it’s most likely that like me, you’re diagnosed with PCOS.


Or if you’re not diagnosed you suspect you have PCOS or a similar disease.


And the last thing you and I need is STRESS!


You may have sensed that periods of stress tend to make your symptoms spiral


The reason…


PCOS sufferers don’t do too well with stress.


Unfortunately, stress switches on stress hormones which in turn has an impact on sex hormones.


The result..




In the first section of the free course, Balancing PCOS with Nutrients, I talk a lot about PCOS and stress, and the impact stress has on our symptoms.


You can get access to the course by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.


Below you’ll find a link to listen to the introduction and episode 1 of this series.


And I’m sure this will never happen!!! [sarcasm]


But if I decide to join my free course and I start driving you crazy or dare I say it, I’m not allowing you to be in a stress-free zone.


Then, please…






I get it!


I, at times, find lots of noise from emails and social media annoying and so if you decide to unsubscribe, that’s fine.


So, go and listen to the introduction and episode 1 of this series! I tend to expand on what I’ve written when I speak and throw in more examples.


So in the next episode of this series I’m going to explain what’s going on inside when stress hits us.


And unfortunately we can’t control what’s going on inside!












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