Fat talk and inflammation!

Fat talk and inflammation!


So we all know that if we eat too much sugar it leads to something else!

Do you know what it is?






We all know that eating too much sugar will lead to an extra few rolls around the hips, the tum and the butt. Everywhere!

So in most people’s eyes, that’s a big enough reason to reduce their sugar intake. It’s to be summer ready!

But for inflammation warriors, this is more than having the perfect body for the beach!

This is more than having the beach body this is for a healthy body


For us inflammation warriors there’s another reason to not eat too much of it!




So we know too much sugar adds fat to our bodies and sparks inflammation.


But this isn’t only about sugar.

It’s also about fat.


And again we know that along with sugar we shouldn’t have too much fat!

We know that fat also throws extra pounds of weight on the body.


But like sugar, fat also sparks inflammation.


Over the next few posts, we’ll roll over to fat and the importance of reducing fats when it comes to inflammation.







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