Feeling balanced? The importance of balance when dealing with inflammation and disease.

Are you feeling balanced? The importance of balance when dealing with inflammation and disease.


Do you have balance in your life?

Now, don’t curse at me for asking this question.

Please, don’t do it!

I can feel through the keys of my laptop that you might be exploding at me.

And I get it!!

You might be cursing at me saying

“How the hell can I have balance when I don’t know what my illness will throw at me?”

I know, it’s pretty hard to plan to have balance in your life when your disease doesn’t know what balance is!


So you might not be able to control your work-life balance.

Or your disease-life balance.

But, you can control your ‘anti’ and ‘pro’ inflammation balance.


And a start is with the foods you eat.


When looking at fats it’s vital that we create balance in the types of fats getting in our body.


For now, let’s focus on the following fats:

  1. Saturated fats (examples – butter, margarine, fatty meats, cheese, coconut oil)
  2. Omega 6 fats (examples – sunflower oils, corn oil, vegetable oils, eggs)
  3. Omega 3 fats (examples – fish, fish oils, green leafy vegetables, hemp seeds)


Now, the first two fats saturated and omega 6 fats are everywhere and of the two omega 6 would be more favourable than saturated fat.

And I must stress that this isn’t about avoiding omega 6 or saturated fats because…


We can’t avoid them.


You can’t avoid them. [A bit like our diseases!]

They’re everywhere!

They’re even in high omega 3 foods

So instead, we need to create balance by eating more omega 3 dominant foods.

These foods will still contain saturated and omega 6 fats.

But, by eating high omega 3 foods you’ll be tipping towards the right FAT BALANCE.







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