Fibromyalgia and the double edged sword!

The Double Edged Sword

What’s the double edged sword? You ask.

Ok, I’ll give you some clues.

It’s a stimulant.

It’s brown.

But, it can change colour if you add something white to it.

It’s available in lots of different forms.

Some of us can’t function without it!

It’s a drug, but we don’t think of it as a drug!


You guessed yet!


Oh good!



Cause I’ve got no more clues!!



So let me tell you what it is.



That double edged sword is…





Are you a coffee lover?

Do you love coffee?

The smell.

The aroma.



So, why is it the double edge sword!

Well, there’s a good point of the sword. And there’s a bad point of the sword.

Let’s start with the good!

Well, I’ve explained some of the ‘good’ already.

The coffee trap. It smells good, it looks good and it makes us feel great for a little while

[Stay with me. And yes, I am talking about coffee. Nothing else, promise!]


And that’s the trap.


It makes you feel alert for a little while.

It gives you energy for a little while.

And it’s just what you need as a fibromyalgia sufferer especially when you have fatigue.


Or is it?



Is tiredness a huge difficulty for you?

If it is, you might find my guide helpful. It’s called ‘The 1 thing causing your tiredness’.

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Are you not just adding to your sleep problems and fatigue?

The answer to this is yes.

If you’re pumping yourself with tonnes of coffee you’re only adding to your fatigue and sleep problems.


Now I get it, that fatigue hits you, punches you and you don’t know how you’ll get through the day. And coffee is your best friend!

I get it! I’m a latte girl.  And they’ll be those occasions when I’ll have caffeine. But this isn’t multiple times a day. And it’s not every day.

Are you an every day coffee drinker?

And is this you…

You don’t sleep well at night.

You have brain fog and fatigue throughout the day.

So to help with the fatigue you have a coffee every 3 to 4 hours to keep ticking along, this makes you more alert.

It gives you energy during the daytime.

But then when it comes to the night you can’t switch off.

And like every night you can’t fall asleep easily.

And you have yet another night of a few hours of sleep!


Is this you??!!

You might be stuck in the coffee trap!

You’re trapped, constantly needing the feel good drug throughout the day which leads to being in a sleep trap at night.

Is this you?

Oh and there’s another part of this coffee trap when it comes to fibromyalgia. I’m going to save this one for next week. So if I’ve not convinced you to reduce your coffee and release the sword. I might convince you next week!

I’ll also recommend some alternatives next week. But until then see if you can cut back by one or two coffees a day if you drink multiple cups of coffee a day. Oh and also reduce but don’t remove. Don’t go cold turkey with the coffee. You have to wean off the coffee. Cutting completely can give you some unpleasant symptoms like headaches, muscle pain and tiredness. .

So if I’ve convinced you to cut back on the coffee. Look at how many coffees you have a day if you’re having more than 4 cups, look at reducing by a cup for 7-10 days. If you’re having less than 4 cups, maybe cut back on how strong your coffee is. Have a 3 quarter spoon of coffee instead of a full spoon. Or divide your cup into two servings. See what I mean?

So give it a go and go easy, nothing extreme!

I’ll be back with more fibromyalgia talk next week.

Until then,









  • And if I haven’t convinced you. I might convince you next week, I’ll be talking about how coffee affects another pretty major fibro symptom. So look out for me next Friday!