Fight Your Arthritis Battle!

Arthritis feels like a never-ending battle. 

Is that how you feel?

Well, what if I said that this can change.  

Your typical day of pain that can only be controlled by taking multiple amounts of painkillers could change!

How can it change?!  

You might be asking.

Well, you can change this by the foods and drinks you eat.  You see the main issue with arthritis is something called inflammation.  Inflammation is what causes swelling, redness and pain. 

Now your daily battle is the constant daily pain, isn’t it?

I’m sure you don’t wake up saying you’re fed up with your daily inflammation. 

You say you’re fed up with your daily pain! Agree?!

But unfortunately, you should be thinking more about inflammation!

You need a language shift.

You need to think about reducing inflammation instead of constantly trying to reduce pain!

Once you shift your thinking from pain to inflammation. You’ll then experience a shift in your pain!

So how do you do this?

A major way you can do this is by addressing what you’re putting in your mouth.

Now, this isn’t to say that you’ll no longer take painkillers. 

But addressing what you’re eating and drinking can reduce your inflammation. 

The reduction of inflammation can reduce swelling, redness and pain flare-ups. 

And this lowers the need for you to reduce inflammation with medication


So what on earth do you do. 

Well, way down at the bottom of this page is a link to a page where you can get a free checklist and tracker to help you.

Just click one of the images and you’ll be taken to the page which will explain more!

 Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist and I provide information to help people who suffer from auto-immune, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.

I’m diagnosed with Graves Disease, PCOS and Arthritis and have had fantastic results using nutrition and yoga.  Success with my health led me to train to become a yoga teacher and nutritional therapist.


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