Got 10 minutes?

Have you got 10 minutes?

These are words we throw around, a lot.

“Can I use you for 10 minutes”?

“Have you got 10 minutes spare”?

Thrown those words around?

Yep, I know you have.

10 minutes isn’t long, is it?

That’s why it’s used so flippantly!

So, why am I asking you about 10 minutes?

Well, I’m suggesting you dedicate 10 minutes to go out for a walk!

Are you scoffing at me?

It’s not the 10 minutes, is it?

It’s the walk.

I get it!

When walking was suggested to me 4 years ago, I scoffed too.

Walking is so boring.

You’re putting one foot in front of the other!

What’s enjoyable about that?


You see, my love was (and still is) yoga. I love it! My body isn’t moving in one direction, like walking.

But, 4 years ago I was struggling to move in lots of directions and my body was screaming to be moved in one way.


So that’s when I start a daily walking routine.

And today I’m a huge walking fan.

It’s no longer boring.

I have my headphones and listen to music or a podcast and I’m in my own world while I walk. I love it!

And do you know what loves walking even more?

Shall I tell ya?

Well, my arthritic hip and back absolutely love it.

Walking is the best pain killer ever.

And if I’ve had a break from the walk, my hip and back will certainly tell me about it!

So, why 10 minutes?

Here goes my arthritic friend.

Now maybe it’s my music background and possibly my early yoga days.

But I’ve always been encouraged to practice, practice and do more practice. And then when I’ve accomplished the said goal I must push myself and do more.

You too?

It’s a good thing, but as a chronic illness sufferer, it’s not so good!

Now, over the last 15 years or so I’ve had to stop myself pushing to another level, usually a harder level.

But I didn’t think this would be the case when it comes to walking.

I mean, walking’s a gentle exercise, isn’t it?

So with the view of walking being gentle, I started pushing myself.

You see, I found walking so enjoyable.

I could put an hour long podcast on and enjoy an hour’s walk.

I pushed myself from a 30 minute walk to a 60 minute walk

It started as an enjoyable walk until it wasn’t?

It wasn’t enjoyable when my enjoyable walk was causing not enjoyable amounts of pain.

The pain felt like I had gone back a year.

It was so painful that I had a period where I stopped walking.

I luckily got to see a physio (physical therapist), who told me that 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day is the limit for arthritis sufferers.

My one hour walk was too much!

So, I spent so long blaming the walk when in fact it was the length of time.

So don’t do what I did and push push push into pain.

Just 10 minutes.

Enjoy the 10 minutes a day walking routine!

Give it a go!

Your joints will love you!

Oh and I’m back walking, 20 minutes a day. And my hip and back love walking again!

Until you see me again,