Holistic Harmony Coaching Program


Not sure where to start?

Get help from yours truly to keep you accountable, make progress and achieve fantastic results!!

Coaching is either in 3-week or 6-week blocks.

The number of weeks required is based on the level of support you require!

Coaching takes place using a communications app called Voxer.

Coaching works on two levels.

Weekly Check-Ins

The first level is weekly check-ins over a 3-week period to see how things are going. I’ll send you a check-in message over the weekend, you’ll reply and I’ll reply with advice within 72 hours (Monday to Friday).

Unlimited Access

The second level is unlimited access Monday to Friday over a 3 or 6-week period. As well as weekly check-ins you can send messages to ask further questions or just to let of some steam!! Replies can be as quick as 5 minutes up to 48 hours depending on the nature of your question!

No appointments!

The beauty of Voxer is that we can ditch appointments!!


If you need to get things off your chest at 1 am, you’re free to do so.

If you need to ask a question at 5 am, do it, ask away!!!

I understand the difficulties of trying to drag yourself to appointments when you’re not feeling your best whether that means showing up for online appointments or attending in-person appointments!

This pressure is removed with this coaching program!

You contact me when you have the energy to contact me and whenever you wish to contact me!!!!!

Also, there are no timings to how long our audio messages can be. If you need to talk for 30 minutes or longer you are free to do so!!!



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