Holistic Harmony Guide and Tracker


The Holistic Harmony Guide is a diet based guide to help people master high blood sugar levels, stress, inflammation and cravings in a stress-free way!!


The guide is made up of 12 chapters which includes a checklist. 


Let me tell you what’s in some of the chapters.


Chapter 4 – Sweet enough?

  • This chapter is about sugar and packaged foods. Sugar plays a huge role with stress in the body, and stress is naturally a big part of dealing with a chronic illness.

Chapter 6 – GI Warriors!

  • This chapter introduces you to GI foods. High GI foods can be problematic for chronic illness sufferers. I write about why they’re a problem and why we need to reduce our GI load!

Chapter 8 – What’s your Craving?

  • I talk about cravings in chapter 8, you may have noticed the constant craving for sweet foods. I explain why you’re craving food. And by the way, it’s not your fault!!!

Chapter 10 – Are you switching off?

  • In this chapter, I write about your nervous system. The nervous system plays a huge role with diet and chronic illness. I explain how your nervous system could be causing issues with your chronic illness symptoms!

Chapter 11 – Ever stubbed your big toe?

  • In this chapter, I write about pain and inflammation. I explain why your body is inflamed and how food can help to reduce inflammation and pain!


The 160 page Holistic Harmony Tracker is a complete 6-week system to help you get results!


The Holistic Harmony Tracker consists of:

  • a daily trigger tracker to track your new goals and habits

  • weekly shopping do’s and don’t list

  • daily symptoms tracker

  • weekly reflection section to write what’s going well or not so well. The reflection section helps you to plan the week ahead.