Hurdles in the way


Do you feel there’s always huge hurdles constantly blocking you from achieving wellness?

I hear ya.

I still have those days, even after eighteen years of starting my wellness journey. I’ve achieved a lot. My achievements help me to steer clear of suffering on a daily basis. But there’s been lots of barriers that have been in my way. There’s been numerous amounts of hurdles to overcome.

There’s been the ups and downs of following a ‘diet’, an exercise regime and changing my mindset.

Then I had to deal with being diagnosed with Graves disease, nearly ten years after my PCOS diagnosis.

Dealing with one illness was hard enough, but two was extremely difficult.

An additional illness changed the way I needed to exercise and eat. And unfortunately, it brought on more issues. Especially with body image.

I’ve had to battle with the demons in my mind. In particular, my PCOS and Graves Disease body. In the past this was felt as failure. Failure of being a woman due to my body image and infertility.

There’s been issues with being ill with all my pregnancies. Whilst pregnant I’ve suffered with extreme vomiting called hyperemesis. Which has caused problems with diet and exercise during and after pregnancy.

All of these hurdles have caused a huge amount of stress. Leading to periods where I’ve resisted achieving my goal of wellness

I’ve learnt to rise above this and use these hurdles as a form of education.


You can learn a lot from these annoying hurdles. Really. You can.

Just view them as stepping-stones which lead to the end goal.


Many of my hurdles have led to success with managing my illnesses, without them, I believe I wouldn’t be where I am now.

In my early days of being diagnosed with PCOS I would experience extreme bloating. Later I found out it was due to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and food intolerances.

When IBS would flare I’d have difficulties exercising and would be scared to eat. It was also accompanied by anxiety and would link with heavy menstrual bleeding.

This would cause blips in my goals and vision. Lasting for days, sometimes weeks and I’d be unable to do anything. It would not only affect my new lifestyle but it would also have an impact on my work.

I then learnt that my IBS was caused by certain foods. For me, I have problems with dairy foods, wheat and onions. So, today, I avoid these foods.

I also realised that having a breathing and relaxation practice helped me. So my yoga practice is heavily focused on breathing practices to reduce anxiety.

That hurdle, has been instrumental in my healing and I’ve not had an IBS episode for over a decade.

Hurdles in the way. Blocking achievement goals and visions.


Rise above the hurdles. You can do it.

It’s not easy, but the future ‘you’ will thank you for it.

For me, its freedom. I’m no longer chained to my symptoms.

It’s worth it. Fight with those hurdles, there’ll be lots of them. Use them as learning curves. Make a note, keep a diary, monitor how the hurdles are making you feel emotionally and physically.

Keep knocking those hurdles down. Learn from them and don’t let them break you down.

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Chronic Illness Hurdles in the way