I hate diets!!

I hate diets.

The reason I hate diets.

Right. Let’s get this off my chest. So, the reason I hate diets is down to.


Diets are sooooo stressful.

Chronic Illness and finding the diet cure

Now if you’re reading this as a sufferer of a chronic disease. I’m 100 percent sure. That you’ve gone out there searching, tirelessly googling about the diet that’s going to give you the magical cure to your disease.

And mostly, these diets may and will help you to relieve the many symptoms that you face on a daily basis. They’re not bad!!

But I hate that they give you the sense that it will all be easy peasy. Without giving you the facts that these diets are so hard to continue.

It’s a complete life change.

The hardest part is the realisation that you have to give up the foods that make you, you.

It’s a complete life change. A complete culture change overnight. Cause, if you’re like me, your diet is shaped by your culture.

Changing your cultural diet is not going to be easy at all.

You’ve eaten this way since you were born!!!

You can’t change this overnight!!

My Caribbean roots force me to rely heavily on eating starch-based foods such as rice, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, dumplings and more, you get the gist.

The evil foods.

The foods often deemed evil to chronic illness sufferers. The foods that make us believe we’ve brought these illnesses on ourselves.

And yes, I have had to give up some of these ‘evil’ foods as they instantly cause issues with managing my health.

But this was my choice, not the choice of a diet.

You have choices

You see, telling someone who comes from my background to never eat rice again because it’s not in the diet. Will most likely lead to a breakdown. Cause this is our heritage. Food is our heritage.

So this is the reason why I hate diets because it forces you to not be you.

And this is stressfullllllll!!

I eat in a very specific way to help manage my diseases. And I still eat the foods that I enjoy, that stem from my Barbadian roots.

I’m not giving them up for anyone or any diet!!

What to do instead

So, instead, I advise you to identify the foods that cause flare-ups and work on limiting them to see if that helps you.

You, and only you must choose to continue to limit eating your food choice. Or to completely remove the food item from your diet.

The choice is yours, not a diet!!

Longer, but happier

Now, this will definitely take a lot longer than having a complete overhaul of your diet. But in the long run, you’ll be much happier.

Being happier means less stress and less likeliness of flare-ups and relapses.

Which one would you prefer?

Stress or Happiness.

Until we meet again, start that journey to happiness and start to identify those trigger foods,