Is PCOS making your hair fall out? Find out how Saw Palmetto helps hair loss.

Saw Palmetto and Female Hair Loss. Could it help hormonal hair loss.

Hair loss for men and women is hard. But as women, we’re told that our hair is our beauty. We become brainwashed with this statement. When some of us experience hair loss, losing that beauty is difficult to handle. This due to this view of our hair being ingrained in from a young age.

I think it’s time to stop telling girls and women these silly statements.

For me, when the time came that my hair was no longer my beauty it was particularly hard. It’s difficult to to deal with this mentally, we can cover it with a wig, hiding from others. But it’s still there.

I’ve always had thinning hair, around my temples and hairline. This I believe, is due to being a sufferer of PCOS.

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What causes hair loss

So what causes hair loss?

Well, for many of us hair loss is due to having high levels of androgens. This type of hair loss is Androgenetic alopecia. Caused by having high levels of androgens.

If you’re a hormonal or PCOS sufferer, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of androgens.

Androgens are our arch enemies!!

No seriously. Androgens are hormones. And mostly relates to the hormone testosterone and its by-products.

Testosterone is present in men and women, but in much lower quantities in women. Unfortunately, PCOS sufferers have problems with testosterone, having levels higher than deemed ‘normal’.

Testosterone, the problem, is not really the problem when it comes to hair loss. Confused!!??

Earlier I mentioned about testosterone and its by-products. And the issue is what testosterone becomes.

The issue is with a molecule called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Conversion of testosterone into DHT causes hair follicles to shrink. And further causes us to lose our hair. Men have more testosterone than women, and unfortunately, experience more hair loss. And women with PCOS have more testosterone floating around than other women.

So us unlucky bunch of gals are more prone to hair loss.

With us ladies, we tend to have thinning all over the scalp. And men usually have m-shaped baldness or complete baldness.



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Saw Palmetto help for PCOS sufferers with hair loss


 Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist and I provide advice and programs to help people who suffer from digestive, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.



Saw Palmetto.

Saw palmetto is a plant with small berries.

Native-Americans have used it as a medicine and food for hundreds of years.

Many people take Saw Palmetto to help slow hair loss or to help with hair growth.

As well as hair loss, Saw Palmetto is also used to help.

•bladder infections
•prostate enlargement
•prostate cancer
•decreased sex drive
•increase milk production

Why does Saw Palmetto help hair loss.

As said earlier, the issue with hair loss is the conversion of testosterone into DHT. To complete this conversion the enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase is needed.

So, in theory, all we need, is to stop the enzyme from converting into DHT.

Yes, it sounds drastic. Doesn’t it?

But yes this is the answer!

Blocking it means less DHT. And hopefully less hair loss.

And according to research Saw Palmetto has the ability to do this.

There’s not much research for Saw Palmetto and hair loss. However, there’s more research into Saw Palmetto and enlarged prostate gland. That research has shown that Saw Palmetto has the ability to block this enzyme. Due to these studies, it looks promising that Saw palmetto follows this pattern with hair loss too. As the same conversion causes an enlarged prostate gland.

Saw Palmetto,, PCOS and Acne

We know that excess DHT causes hair loss in women with PCOS, but it’s also a problem for those of us suffering from acne. The great thing is that we can use Saw Palmetto for this too. So we’re not only limited to using it for the health of our hair, but it’s also helpful for our skin too.

Saw Palmetto and Hirsutism

Hirsutism (excess bodily hair) must be a difficult one to deal with. I’ve not experienced hirsutism to a level that is a problem. But, can sympathise with PCOS sufferers who have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Like hair loss, excess hair growth (Hirsutism) is caused by the same thing. Yes, our friend DHT also causes excess hair growth.

You see, DHT causes different issues in different parts of the body.

On the scalp, it causes hair loss. On other areas of the body, it causes hair growth.

So many PCOS sufferers will experience excess hair on the face, arms, chest and stomach.

Again, Saw Palmetto can be helpful here.


How to take Saw Palmetto.

We can find Saw Palmetto as

•whole dried berries
•liquid oil extracts
•powdered capsules

Oil based products are best for hair loss. The idea is to massage the oil directly onto the scalp. This is more beneficial than taking a capsule or drinking teas.


Side Effects

As with everything. Side effects and additional issues can arise from taking natural supplements.

Saw Palmetto can cause stomach irritation and headaches. It can also disrupt hormone levels, lowering oestrogen levels. And cause issues with birth control medication.

It can slow blood clotting so you must be careful if you take blood thinning medication.

If you’re using to increase milk production, be mindful that it can cross into your baby.

If you’re planning to try Saw Palmetto it’s a must that you speak to your doctor first. This is to reduce issues with current medications that you are taking. It’s not worth taking it if it’s only going to make current symptoms worse.



As with everything I write about my posts are to inform, to give you information and for you to decide if the information is something you’d like to try. I don’t wish to tell you what to do. Nor am I here to tell you, you’ll be cured.

So my advice, give this a go, make sure you get consent from medical professionals. This is essential if you’re taking medications, due to reactions.

As with most things in life, results take time.

You can’t monitor after a few days or weeks. So monitor how your hair is improving after a few months.

I hope you find success with your hair loss whether you choose to try Saw Palmetto or not. But all in all, we must remember that our hair doesn’t define who we are. Our hair is not our beauty. Beauty is within, beauty is what makes us all uniquely different. That’s beauty.



 Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist and I provide advice and programs to help people who suffer from digestive, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.


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