Let’s talk coffee and inflammation.

Let’s talk coffee and inflammation.


In the last post, I promised some coffee and tea chat.

So today we’ll talk coffee.


Is this you?

You can’t function without your morning coffee caffeine hit?

You wake up and the first thing you grab is a morning coffee.

You tell yourself and others that you can’t live or function without that first cup of coffee.


Is that you?


Well, you’re not alone, this is the case for most people on the planet.

Take that coffee away and you take away the ability to function!



Now, when it comes to coffee it’s extremely confusing!

Is it bad for us or is it good?

It’s confusing!!


And it’s confusing when it comes to coffee and inflammation.

And the reason is that coffee has anti-inflammatory properties.


So should you have it?

Well, it depends!


Knew there was a catch [That’s what you’re thinking, aren’t you?]


The information on coffee is very confusing. Is it good or bad for us? Should you drink it if you have a chronic illness?


The catch

Well, there’s a catch with everything, nothing’s clean-cut. And that’s the case when it comes to coffee.


You see the catch with coffee is…






You’re the catch.


Coffee is an anti-inflammatory but it also causes inflammation (pro-inflammatory)


Now you might be like me, after having that wonderful tasting coffee brew. And I describe it in this way because I love the bitter taste of coffee. But anyway, back to the point!

After drinking coffee I tend to feel pretty rough.  Whilst drinking it I feel great but after I’m left with some of the issues I’ve addressed below.

So my roughness will be addressed with the questions I’m about to ask you.

So question 1…

After your delicious morning coffee brew do you find you start feeling shaky, nervous, or hyperactive?


What about trips to the bathroom?


Do you need to take multiple trips to the bathroom, either to pass urine or open your bowels?

Does coffee cause diarrhoea or constipation?


And what about your muscles and joints, do you experience muscular twitching and cramps or an increase in joint and arthritic pain? [] []


Have you answered yes to any of the above questions?


If you have then it’s likely you’re having some kind of inflammatory response to coffee.

And you might need to have a coffee talk with yourself and decide on whether it’s time to say goodbye to it!


But don’t fear there are alternatives.


Now, these alternatives may not give you the same coffee experiences but I’m sure it’s better than experiencing pain and discomfort on a daily basis!


So in my next post, we’ll talk more about coffee alternatives.


You’ll see me soon about that.






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