Make Big Gains by Starting Small: How Tiny Steps Can Transform Your Health Journey

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Ever heard these sayings

The first one is:

“Go hard or go home”

And the second one is

“Go big or go home”

Ever heard the above sayings?

They’re usually used when referring to goal setting.

It’s telling us that to get results we have to go all in.

It’s all or nothing!

Give it your all at all costs.

Well if you know me.

You’ll know that I’m not a great advocate for the “go big” stuff.

I say go small and win big!!

And especially when it comes to health!

Going big is what causes failure for lots of people.

The ‘big’ is too much!!!

Going for the big right of the bat is not for everyone.

And it’s certainly not great for chronic illness sufferers.

Imagine if I told a person with arthritic knees to go run a marathon tomorrow because you gotta go big or go home!

Well if they attempt to run a marathon they’d certainly go home and may not be able to leave the home for days and weeks!

It’s ridiculous!

Listen I’ve had a huge flare of back problems these last few months, I was at a stage where I couldn’t walk at all.

My left leg wouldn’t move!

Before this flare-up, I was going hard.

I’d had a few months without any issues and put this down to yoga and also the gym!

I was lifting weights at the gym and loving it!

As a woman over 40, I wanted to increase muscle mass and also help my back.

I wasn’t lifting heavy amounts but I could feel my body getting stronger, I felt great, euphoric!!

I felt stronger!

I felt more fit!

And was toning up!

After the age of 40, the toning up stuff isn’t an easy feat.

And especially after having a baby at 40!


It was too intense!!!

I was pushing too much!

Instead of lifting more, I needed to lift less.

But human nature sets in, we’ve got to go harder, go heavier!

Now I’m not sure if the gym contributed to my recent flares. But I feel it contributed along with other things.

So my latest flare has taught me to go small and then go home.

I’m putting all my efforts into walking!

My walk can look like 5 minutes when I’m having a particularly bad day.

To 15/20 minutes when I’m having a good day!

And I’m sticking with the 20-minute limit.

If I push past 20 minutes I know about it the next day, my back will throw a nice dose of nerve pain at me.

So you may be reading this, and like me, you may have had to halt the ‘go big’ stuff because…

Your body can’t cope with it.

Your mind loves the idea of it, but your body’s screaming NOOOOOO!

You’re body screaming no because it’s delicate and needs to go small

So my message.

And my message especially to chronic illness sufferers is…

Go small!

We have delicate bodies.

We require gentleness!

Going big will certainly cause us to go home and stay home with pain!

We don’t need that!

You need small consistent goals!

So go small and go home pain-free!!!!

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