Menopause. The final stage in a woman’s life. Does it frighten you too?

Periods seem to go on forever!! Does this process ever stop?

Are you frightened by menopause? After all, it will give us a break from having periods. Won’t it?

The length of time of having periods seems so drawn out. Doesn’t it?

The menstruating years seem never-ending. At the moment, this really is as it seems. But I know this will soon come to an end for me.

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There’s a time when it eventually stops

Reproduction is like a movie.

Hormones are like actors, popping in and out of a scripted scene. They have to perform at the right times and must follow direction. In our reproduction play, this direction is by the brain and the ovaries.

But like a film which typically lasts for 120 minutes. Reproduction follows suit, lasting for more than 30 years.

Films can’t go on forever.

And this is true for menstruation too.

This reproductive play will come to an end. And the next sequel will come along. Menopause.

The menopausal stage of life.

The reproductive process eventually stops when a woman reaches the menopausal stage of life. This stage of life occurs around the age of 45 and 50. Although, age can vary, with some women starting in their 30s or in their 50s.

The word menopause is a French translation from the Greek medical term, menopausis. Meno meaning month, moon, menses or menstrual. And pausis meaning a “pause” or “cause to cease”. This period of life causes menstrual cycles to stop, denoting the end of the reproductive phase of life.


Menopause. The final stage in a woman's life. Does it frighten you too?

Menopause – A friend or foe

Menopause is welcomed as a blessing and a disaster for many women.

Personally, I’ve had many issues with my hormones and have wished for this stage of life to come. I know, dreadful!!

I’m not at this stage yet, but it’s looming and I’m nearer to this stage than not. My views, as I approach this phase of life are quite different from my views as a teenager and being in my 20s and 30s.

In all honesty, as a woman in my 40s, it’s pretty frightening not knowing how I’ll cope. Will the menopausal years be as bad as my menstruating years?

I love the following quote

“I am once again what I was before the age of twelve: a female human being who knows that a month has thirty days, not twenty-five, and who can spend every one of them free of the shackles of that defect of body and mind known as femininity” Florence King

I hope this will be how I feel.

There must be lots of women, especially women who have suffered hormonally who love this stage of life. And of course, some woman who dread it, because of the nightmare symptoms that accompany it.

I’m sure many women hate this time of life due to the realisation of becoming an older woman. This doesn’t scare me, I’m happy to embrace getting older but can understand the emotional issues this may bring on.

Getting older is not easy. And menopause only adds to this. Menopause feels and sounds like the end. Doesn’t it? The end of youth and fertility.


So, with all this said, will menopause be a blessing or a nightmare? Who knows.

Will menopause be a welcomed friend to me as I can have a break from all the hormonal issues I’ve been a slave to for more than thirty years.

It may be a blessing to not be shackled to this womanly monthly chore. I can live pain-free, have less monthly emotional upheavals and possibly have my body back. Reclaiming my body to the time before womanhood kicked in.

But, it might be a nightmare. I might mourn my youthful body once I experience night sweats, mood swings and many other unsightly symptoms.

And will I feel less of a woman by not having these monthly hormonal sessions? Will I miss the disappearance of what I’ve been ‘supposedly’ put on this earth to do.

As a sufferer of PCOS, I suffered a number of years of infertility and feeling worthless as a woman as my body wasn’t doing what I deemed it should be doing. My fertility has increased with age, with my last child being born when I was 40. So my reproductive years have been a lot less than others. Will I resent this.

Are you a forty-something, waiting for this time of life too? Do you wonder how you’ll feel once menopause kicks in?


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