Netflix will do!

I’ve got something to tell you.

Something that people in my field possibly don’t like to admit.

Because it might come across as being lazy.

But I don’t care!

You see, I’m a nutritional therapist and a yoga teacher.

Which means I love exercise and love eating healthy foods.

And yes I do love the above things.

But there are times…

when I need to ditch the above things.


When experiencing daily pain the last thing on your mind is healthy food and exercise. Netflix will do!!  TV is a lifeline for chronic illness sufferers who shackled to daily pain. If this is you, don't feel guilty for choosing Netflix and popcorn over salads and exercise!

Well, it’s because my mind and body need a break!

You see, I’m a nutritionist (nutritional therapist) and yoga teacher who has chronic illnesses.

The latest is a narrowing of my spine called spinal stenosis, it’s another chronic illness to add to the chronic illness belt.

And so for the last few months, I’ve had to say goodbye to healthy foods all the time for some not-so-healthy foods. 


I need something that will boost my body and mood. 

And to be honest, chocolate does that more than an apple!


It sure does!

Toss up between chocolate and an apple when I’m in pain!

Chocolate wins!!!!

Every single time!!!!

And it’s not just diet, you see…

I’ve ditched yoga and the gym for…



Well, currently the gym and my usual yoga practice is too harsh for my body.

My daily 30 to 60-minute yoga practice has been reduced to 10 minutes when I’m having a goodish day!

When it’s a bad day it’s…


So TV has been a lifeline for me these past few months.

A good program, whether it’s comedy, drama, documentaries or even a disney movie is what I need during my down days.

TV programs elevate my mood and lift my spirits!

And those feelings are what I need to take my mind away from the pain I’m experiencing!

TV makes me feel happy!

We see so much that tells us we need to do this and do that to achieve wellness.

And yes, I’m preaching from a similar health sheet!

But should we be miserable in the process?

And should we be miserable and suffer more pain by doing health and fitness regimes?

I SAY NO!!!!

There’s no need to make drastic changes and change those things that make you happy and alleviate the pain you’re in.

You’re not lazy for making these decisions!

You’re listening to what your body needs right now!

So if you need to be happy to alleviate pain.

And that means watching comedy all day long!

Then do it!

You’re the one walking in your shoes.

Nobody else!

So do what makes you happy!

This is what I talk about in a podcast over on Substack, you can listen to it by clicking the link below!


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I’m not about making changes that are difficult. 

Simple is my middle name and I believe simple is the game…

[See what I did there, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it!!!]

Anyway this is about making simple changes that can last a lifetime instead of a day!!

If that interests you come and join me over on substack!!!!


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