Radiant Nu You

Let me help you to be radiant!!

I’ll help you using consulting, coaching and mentoring where you’ll get personalised Nutrition, Natural Supplements, Exercise and Relaxation advice.

A program based on YOU to help you to get RESULTS!!


All communication is done using Voxer and WhatsApp (communications apps).

Access to the Radiant Nu You Portal is needed for the Radiant Nu You Program.


Ask a question and Cheryl will share!

Have a question about your health or something in the emails or the portal?

Ask away and twice a month, I’ll answer.  

I’ll reply with a 

        • a personalised message/audio 
        • a detailed answer to your question. 

My answer to your question will be shared on the Radiant Nu You Portal to help you and others!!

Please note: 
Only one question answered at a time!!  
Names will not be shared! 


 One question – $20

Two questions – $35



One to one coaching and mentoring.

Have me by your side to support you and provide a plan of action!

Daily access to me Monday – Friday!!

Your plan will range from specific dietary plans, nutritional supplements, exercise advice, yoga exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques.  

Your plan will be specific to you, your wants and current needs!!!!


Investment to your health

14 days getting to know you period and plan of action –  $444 


With the option to have further monthly coaching and mentoring on a weekly or monthly basis!


Monthly  – (daily access Mon-Fri on a monthly basis – $444 per month

 1 week per month –  (daily access Mon-Fri for 1 week per month)  – $111 per month.


No contract and no minimum months.

Cancel at anytime!!




Contact me!

If you’d like to understand more about how this works you can send me an email or message me on messenger.  

We can then communicate with each other by email/messenger or have a chat through Voxer or WhatsApp.