How do you react to your life

react to your life.

How do you react to your life

How do you react to your life? Do you spend endless amounts of time worrying about ‘what ifs’?

We spend a lot of time worrying about things. Don’t we?

I look back at the things I worried about in the past and now see how minute these things were.

At the time they felt huge to me. I could see no other way. But with time, a lot of these issues were and are solved.

Some of these issues had solutions.

And others have no solutions at all. And that’s ok.

In the event our issues have no solutions, we have to learn to accept.

React to your life


Acceptance is the hardest thing to conquer. Isn’t it?

Especially when dealing with the many day-to-day worries all of us have.

Some of us have problems with work, some of us have money worries and family issues. Some of us also have to deal with an illness too, battling with daily symptoms and pain associated with ill-health.

When it comes to illness many of us have to accept that our illnesses will be with us for a lifetime.

And that’s hard!

Especially when your illness throws constant daily reminders at you.

But learning to accept must be worked on.

Acceptance (for me) is harder than dealing than with the said illness, many a time.

But once learnt, it can help with giving you more good days rather than bad.

Acceptance can help with the stress that accompanies diagnosis. Stress, for many of us, goes hand in hand with flare-ups. And a flare-up is the last thing we need. And as said earlier we also have other life issues, so a flare-up will most likely make other life stressors more unbearable.

Acceptance can heal

Acceptance and learning new ways to manage thoughts and reactions can be a huge healer.

It’s not easy, it takes up a lot of time, and uses up a lot of mental and physical energy. But that hard work is very apparent with time, especially when you notice less daily pain and an increase in energy.

My experience

Personally, my symptoms decreased dramatically when I stopped feeling sorry for myself (my way of dealing with things in the past). I stopped relying on doctors to give me the answers in the medication form. I found way to manage my illness, which has led to me living a more fulfilled life. I’ve also accepted that my illnesses are part of me. This is a huge part of dealing with disease.

Accepting there’s no cure

For many of us there are no miracle cures. So like me, you may need to accept that there is no cure and it’s a case of doing things to help you to manage daily living.

What to do

Now I’m not here to tell you to chant a “I must accept ” mantra. Instead do things to relax and take your mind away from the said issues.

Do things that can help you feel better in mind and body.

This might be meditation, exercise, breathing practices, listening to your favourite types of music. Going out for walks, going to your local coffee shop or going out partying.

Absolutely anything!

Start small. This is extremely important if your illness makes it difficult for you to do daily activies. Try to do an activity once a week and aim to slowly increase. It may also be difficult to go out and do these activities. But in the case of exercise, there’s lots of videos that can be accessed online which you can do in the comfort of your home.

If you’re able to, get out of your house, off your sofa, out of your bed. And do anything that will stop you from thinking about your problems.

Do things to relax your thoughts and enhance energy levels. With time you’ll feel revitalised, and when you feel better in mind this can lead to feeling better in body, and vice verse. Bonus!!

The zen habits website puts it beautifully, giving us ways of reacting mindfully. Suggesting we pause and remove ourselves away from situations. You can read more about the suggestions here. In terms of stressful things in life I believe we need to take ourselves away from the stressors on a regular basis. And do things to boost those feel good hormones, as research shows those feel good hormones can play a role in relieving pain.


So remember that events will come and go. Some will be life changing and many will not. It may feel like your life is standing still whilst trying to figure out how to deal with these events.

Many a time we have to figure out how we need to react to events in our life. Changing our mindset and adopting new habits can help. It’s hard work but once achieved, life will start to move again.

One size doesn't fit all. Especially when you have a chronic illness.

You can’t take one day of good health for granted.

You are not an illness

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