Ready for the gross when it comes to alcohol and inflammation?

Ready for more alcohol talk?


Ok, here goes.

So in today’s email, I’ll be addressing two humongous areas of the body that are extremely important to focus on when looking at inflammation and alcohol.


The two areas are…



1) The guts,




2) the liver.



These two areas of the body are hugely affected by alcohol when it comes to inflammation.

And these two areas need to be in tip-top shape to strengthen our immune systems and fight inflammation.


So let’s start with the guts.

And the problem with alcohol and the guts is…





Is that what you’re thinking?


It’s hard to think of our bodies being a bacteria factory.

But, I need to break the news to you that…


That’s what we are.


A bacteria factory.


Our bodies contain trillions of them.


This says a 200-pound person will be carrying at least 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria.


And our guts can have around 100 trillion bacteria.


Yep, you read that right!


100 trillion!


Now when we think of bacteria we think of the bad.


Bacterial infections!

But not all bacteria are evil.


In fact, we need to become best buddies with bacteria.

We should be embracing it!!


And especially as inflammation warriors!


Alcohol is loved by most of us. Alcohol for people suffering from inflammation may cause some unwanted gross reactions. Find out why!


You see, not all bacteria are bad, there’s actually lots of good bacteria.


And that’s what many of us need to increase. We need bacteria and we need good bacteria!


Good bacteria are protective because they can actually help keep inflammation at bay.

So if you can, start thinking of bacteria as being the good guys with a view of increasing it!


So what the hell has this got to do with alcohol?! [You might be asking?!]


Well, alcohol is great at destroying the good anti-inflammation bacteria that live in your gut.


And in the next post, I’ll go into a little more detail about it.

I think you’ve had your quota of bacteria talk for today!


More to come soon…








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