Should you be counting calories when you have PCOS?

Should you be counting calories when you have PCOS?

Well, it depends…

Have you thought about trying another new diet?

Maybe you’re thinking about going down this road to manage your symptoms and use it as a form of weight loss.

Are you thinking about going down the road of counting and monitoring your daily calorie intake?


Well, I might be able to help you with this decision!

You see, counting calories isn’t for everyone!  

For me, it was an absolute NIGHTMARE!!

Now, there’s no particular issue with counting calories.

Counting and monitoring calories is a good thing!

In fact, monitoring calorie intake is a good thing for polycystic ovarian syndrome sufferers.

It’s good that we focus on lowering our calorie intake.

For women with PCOS, it’s recommended that we have around 1500/1600 calories per day. 

This is very different to the recommended intake of 2000 calories which is generally advised for all women.

But this question isn’t all about calories!

It’s about…


Should YOU be counting?

Counting isn’t for me.

But it might be for you!

In the video below I explain why counting calories might not be best for every woman with PCOS.  


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