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Are you a PCOS Sufferer?


Fed up of hormonal up and downs?

Not had a period for months?

Maybe all you have is periods?

Fed up of putting weight on (especially around your stomach)

Fed up of craving sugar?

Always tired?

Fed up of the constant crying for absolutely no reason?!




I’m sure you’ve googled what you need to do!

Have you been googling!


It’s what we do, isn’t it?

We’re looking for the right diet!

We’re looking for the right exercise regime!

Or maybe you’ve tried a diet or tried an exercise regime!

Was it too hard!

Did you have to change everything about yourself to get a result!!

It’s soul-sucking, isn’t it?


The thing is these ‘right diets’ and ‘right exercises’ are great short term. 

But when you’re battling with a lifelong disease we need long term stuff. 

And we need long term stuff that’s achievable and without stress!!


And that’s why the Slash the Sugar 16-Week PCOS Planner has been designed to give you long-term results!!

But before I explain the Slash the Sugar Planner let me explain why this is about sugar.


Why sugar?

So you may already know (especially if you’ve been researching over the web) that PCOS sufferers don’t do very well with sugar. 

Sugar plays havoc with our hormones. And especially a digestive hormone. 

What’s the hormone [you might be asking!]

Well, that hormone is…





And it’s big and bold.  Because it’s a big and bold part of this syndrome!

Now you might relate to what I’m about to explain. 

This was me for quite some time!

Oh yes, I’m also diagnosed with PCOS!!

So, I wonder if this is you?!


Let me explain…


One of my issues was with…


Wait for it…


Mashed potatoes.


I know, a bit strange!!!


When my PCOS was bad in my teens and 20s.

I loved, loved, loved.

And would crave, crave, crave…


Mashed potatoes.


Mashed potatoes were like a drug. 


They were soooooo satisfying to eat!!!


But unfortunately, the satisfying hit would be swiftly followed by a huge crash! 


The crash was the…


Insulin crash!!!



The insulin crash would feel like I’d been knocked out by a heavyweight boxer!

I’d be in a daze!

And would be totally wiped out!

My knockouts would require ridiculous amounts of sleep to allow me to barely function.


Do you experience this?


And what’s your go-to food?


Well if you do, this is…


The insulin crash. 

You see PCOS sufferers have something called insulin resistance. Our cells have closed the doors to insulin.

Our cells are like little nightclubs and in order for sugar to gain entrance into the cells, the sugar needs to be let in by insulin receptors (the bouncer/door person). 

Insulin receptors have to recognise insulin, if they don’t, the sugar isn’t getting in the cell!

Once the insulin receptors recognise insulin the sugar can then go into our cells

Using the nightclub example, if people don’t follow the correct dress code then a bouncer/door person won’t allow people entrance into a club. 

And then what happens?


Well, those people can’t get in and pay to get into the nightclub.  Instead, they’ll be hanging out on the streets.


And if receptors are blocking insulin, this doesn’t allow sugar to get into our cells.  And this causes blood sugar to circulate and hang around the body!

So if you’re eating high sugar foods (like my mashed potatoes example), and you’re experiencing extreme tiredness, then this is the reason why you feel knocked out!!


Your body isn’t benefitting from your meal. And the sugar from your meal can’t get into your cells.  This causes high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels, and this causes a crash!! 

So how can we stop this?

Well, to stop this we need to be nice to the bouncer and wear the correct clothing so we can get into the club.

In other words, you need to focus and nurture your insulin receptors.  By doing so, insulin will be accepted and sugar will be able to get into our cells. 

And we can do this by Slashing the Sugar.


I won’t insult your intelligence!

Listen,  I know that you have a pretty good idea that a lot of the issues with your PCOS symptoms are down to your diet!

And I get it!

It’s not fair!

Why should we have to eat differently from everyone else!

Yep, it’s not fair!

But I want to help you, by giving you a system, where in time, you’ll be able to eat like everyone else, as I do!

But you’ve got to start!! 

And it may require a little time where you’ll need to cut back on some of the things you enjoy!

But this can be short term.

Especially if you just get started!!!

And this isn’t about doing this for life. 


Eventually, you’ll be able to add back some of the things you enjoy!!!


Let me help you make a start!!

Have a quick flick through the presentation below, let me explain…


The Slash the Sugar Planner.


This system is laid out in easy to follow steps.  Helping you to slash the sugar in your body.


Imagine having:

    • Balanced blood sugar levels
      • Have fewer knockouts
      • Lower fatigue
      • Lower cravings
      • Have higher energy levels


    • Balanced insulin levels.
      • Reduce your insulin levels
      • Reduce diabetic medication


    • Lose weight! 
      • Lose belly fat (sugar converts into fat, and for PCOS sufferers this lands on our bellies)
      • Reduce male hormones.  Testosterone the male hormone loves to store in fat cells.  Lower fat cells and we can lower testosterone levels. 
    • Have Regular Periods
      • Not had a period for months or maybe you’re always having a period.  This is due to the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone. And what causes these imbalances?   Sugar!!!

Frequently Asked Questions.

You’ll get:

A 4-week planner which lays out a stress-free way to slash the sugar.


Have you been on a diet before?

Have I asked a stupid question?!

I’m quite sure you have, we’ve all been on a diet!

Are you still doing the first diet you tried?

Ok, you can stop laughing!!!

Like me, you’ve probably tried multiple diets, am I right?

Well, there’s a reason you’ve tried multiple diets.  And that reason is due to ‘diets’ only being good on a short term basis.  They’re not that great for long term results!


We need long term ways of eating that’s easy to continue!!

For most of us, these diets are so hard to continue, and it’s especially hard for us PCOS sufferers.




Because we crave sugar all the damn time!!! 


So with this 4-week planner. You’ll be focusing on one new thing at a time. This, instead of removing all foods that make you, you!


You’ll make bite-sized steps week by week, building up habits and new patterns of eating and drinking

This instead of:

        • Increasing your cravings
        • Increasing anxiety and depression.
        • Adding more unwanted symptoms



You’ll also receive:

Two Slash the Sugar Guides

Guide 1.

The Sugar Tips

      • Find out the amount of sugar should you be having. You might be shocked when you see the answer!!
      • You’ll know the types of sugar should you be looking out for.
      • Understand daily sugar allowances. You’ll be shocked how these allowances are worked out!!
      • You don’t have a sugar problem. Think again!! You’ll find out why!
      • Find out the real reasons why sugar is put in your foods. And why this isn’t helpful when you’re suffering with a chronic illness!
      • Not sure of foods to remove.  And it won’t be the foods you’d expect to see!




Ok, I’m going to stop. 

I could go on a lot more!

And I could go on because I know what it’s like to deal with the above symptoms. 

Because like you, I’m diagnosed with PCOS.   

And if it wasn’t for PCOS I wouldn’t be writing on this page. 


Who are you?

Hi, I’m Cheryl.

And like you, I’m a PCOS Warrior!

And my gosh us PCOS sufferers are warriors, aren’t we?

Now maybe you’re reading this recently diagnosed in your 20s and 30’s.  Or maybe you’re my age in your 40s and still battling with your hormones!

Now, I was diagnosed with PCOS in the 90s.  Way back in time when we had no google. 

When I got diagnosed with PCOS there wasn’t much information telling us about the benefits of diet and PCOS.

So for me, I had to buy books to help me understand that my diet was causing all the miserable symptoms above (And plus some)!

After reading I put my all into changing my diet and had remarkable results!

This led to me studying nutrition for 3 years and certifying as a Nutritional Therapist and later becoming a certified yoga teacher.