I’ve had many days when my illness, in fact, life throws so much crap in my direction. Is this you too?

Like me, do you have days wondering what you’ve done to deserve all of these issues?

In these times, I remind myself to smile. I think you and I must smile during these hard times.

Now, I know it’s hard, but smiling does help me to get through.

Maybe it could help you too.

Give it a try?

We must smile and see the lighter sides of these challenges that life throws at us.

Smiling is a huge healer.

For me, dwelling on my pain, my allergies, my hormones and my dodgy immune system only seems to make my symptoms 20 times worse.

Smile! It helps chronic illness sufferers

Does my smile confuse you?

I’m sure smiling and laughter can be very confusing to people.

And it’s especially confusing when I explain periods of recent ill health or if I’m experiencing pain as I speak with them.

I am, of course, masking my illnesses with a smile.

I’m possibly making my invisible diseases even more invisible (wait, is that even possible, anyway!) as I give a perceived picture of wellness.

People have this perception of how an ill person should act and my smiley self doesn’t really cut it. Does it?

But do you know what? I’m not doing this for other people. I’m doing this for me, myself and I only!! When I look back at times when my illnesses have become worse there is always a link. And that link is. Unhappiness. So I’m gonna keep smiling.

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The benefits of a good old smile

The smile I imprint on my face helps to release feel-good hormones called endorphins. And in fact, a fake smile is as good as a good old hearty smile. Get that ey!!

The benefits of a good old smile The smile I imprint on my face helps to release feel-good hormones called endorphins. And in fact, a fake smile is as good as a good old hearty smile. Get that ey!!

Most of us with autoimmune and hormonal disorders have issues with the pituitary and adrenal glands, these two glands play a massive role in balancing our moods. So it’s inevitable that mood will be affected just by having certain disorders.

The Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland located just under the brain directs our organs to carry out certain roles and is a facilitator in many of our disorders. Hormones released by the pituitary gland and related hormonal glands can become imbalanced. And for autoimmune disease sufferers, our immune system will be attacking particular glands causing a further imbalance of hormones, this imbalance confuses the pituitary gland causing it to go haywire.

The Adrenal Glands

Our adrenal glands, is a small gland situated on each kidney. They, unfortunately, take a bashing by the fatigue and stress that comes with our illnesses. This brings along issues with cortisol, a stress hormone released by these glands.

Smile away stress hormones

Many of us have issues with cortisol. This hormone is particularly troublesome for PCOS sufferers like myself, and other hormone-related disorders. And my fellow autoimmune sufferers have a rough time with cortisol too, unfortunately, raised cortisol levels has an impact on immune responses and promotes digestive issues. Two huge issues for Chronic Illness sufferers.

Stress and cortisol go hand in hand.

So if I’m not smiling and seeing the lighter sides of life my immune system will alter.

This, causes my Graves Disease symptoms to worsen.

Being unhappy also disrupts the balance of stress, sex and digestive hormones which cause PCOS symptoms to appear.

See where I’m going with this Smile stuff!!

So for me, balancing my stress levels is vital. I can’t afford to allow my symptoms to tip over to the dark side. I’ll have my milder everyday symptoms thank you very much.


Smile and Stop Complaining. It is what it is.

Unfortunately once diagnosed with an autoimmune or hormonal disease we have to accept that this is with us for life. There’s no going back.

I apologise if this sounds harsh. But at times it’s difficult to hear/see people complain about their illnesses. And I think this has a lot to do with people not accepting their illnesses. Longing to live that life prior to diagnosis. Longing to be somewhat ‘normal’, whatever that is.

I mean, are any of us normal?

Be Yourself. Stop seeking normality

What is this vision of normal we all seek? Who told us this lie. There are lots of people in the world. Are we the same. Do we look the same, no?

So what is normal?

I’ll tell you what it is.

Hmmmmm. There is no normal. It doesn’t exist!

Normal is about conforming. To a certain look, a certain state of being, Normal is about being the same. Being told what to do. Eating, talking, walking the same way. Well sorry, not for me! And I’m sure that’s not for you either.

A lot of us will suffer from the same disease. We’re told that to have said disease we must all suffer from the same normal symptoms. A lot of you reading this will suffer from my illnesses and I bet your symptoms are not identical to mine.

Why? Because we’re different!!

Change your mindset and stop seeking this so-called view of normality.

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Change of Mindset

I’ve had to accept that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Graves Disease. And accept that I have them for life. They’re a part of me, and have made me who I am.

In all honesty, without them, I wouldn’t have done a lot of things in my life. I wouldn’t appreciate what I have in my life.

We can do all the exercises in the world, eat the healthiest foods, and take all the latest nutritional and herbal supplements in hope of a miracle cure. And yes like me, you could have some success. But at the end of the day, you’ll still have your disease as there is no cure, and that’s just the way it is.

Yes, we’ll have constant reminders of our chronic illness but should we allow them to stop our lives?

No, we must not. We should keep smiling.

And please, take no notice of these ignorant people who deem you to be a liar because you choose to be happy. Don’t feel guilty!


I accept that you might not be ready for this yet. Heck, it took me forever to stop feeling depressed, so I’m not here preaching.

What I’m really saying is you shouldn’t feel guilty to do something that will help your mental health and give you relief from your symptoms for a little while.

Not all sick people walk around being sad all day.

Some of us ‘Smile’ in order to not feel sick.

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