Something enjoyable! Why enjoyable things disrupt inflammation

So it’s time to move on to something else that’s extremely enjoyable for lots of us.

You may use it to wind down after a busy day, you might use it to socialise, or you might use it to enjoy a meal.


Guess what it is?


Got it?!






Now, before I go any further, I want to bring home the message from some of my previous posts.


Inflammation can come from foods and drinks that we enjoy! Does this mean we have to remove everything we want and enjoy from our lives?


I hope my message is starting to become stamped somewhere in your mind.

That message is, choice.

I’m giving you choices.

And not rules.

Because rules are stressful.


And stress can make issues with our illnesses worse.

No stress!


So over the following few posts, we’ll be talking about alcohol.


I’ll be talking about the effect of alcohol and inflammation.

This is to make you aware of it.

And as always the choice is yours!


So more alcohol talk to come…





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