Stop Demonising Foods.

Stop Demonising Foods.


My message with my words when it comes to nutrition and movement is to not make you feel like a failure.

I say this as someone who has felt like a failure in the past when it comes to nutrition and movement.

Punishing myself because I had a slice of cake and worrying about the impact of that cake on my symptoms and my health.


I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) when I was 20.

After 8 years of suffering, I changed my diet and added movement and relaxation in the form of yoga when I was 23.


As I write this, I’m 45 years young.

I say young as I still feel like I’m 23, but anyway, I digress!


My change of diet at 23 involved a low carbohydrate diet and a daily practice of yoga (ashtanga yoga) for 90 minutes a day.


Now, this certainly helped with my PCOS symptoms.


After 3 months of following this regime, I had more energy.

My periods that were either non-existent or would last for 2 weeks or more were now monthly.

My hair and skin improved greatly.

And the biggest of all was the tiredness and fatigue symptoms that would have me sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day.

My new regime had me thriving on 8 hours of sleep and I didn’t even need an alarm clock to wake me up. And luckily that’s continued to this day!




So, after reading all this, you’re probably wondering why this would be an issue.


Well, the issue here is ‘sustainability’.


It’s so hard to keep this going long-term!

You see, you feel great in body and mind in one way, but then you feel dreadful in another way.

Why? (You ask)

The reason why, well for me, that is, is due to…


Classing foods as being good or bad foods


Classing an inactive lifestyle as being bad

If you’re like me, you may start categorising food.

And look at not exercising as being evil.

All because you’re scared of your symptoms returning.

And it can lead to a kind of disorder because you’re scared!


You’re scared of your symptoms returning!!!


That was me, I deemed foods like cakes, rice, potatoes, coffee, and dairy as being evil foods.

And salads, vegetables and quality proteins and oils were my angel foods.

Eating healthy all the time, for me was hard!

I managed 10 years of eating like this. Until…



my body screamed for cake! [Sarcasm]


And yes, cakes are bad if you’re eating them every single day.

But they’re not evil if you’re eating them once or twice a month, are they?

But in my head, I was petrified of allowing a crumb of cake to enter near my mouth, in fear that I would fail and my unsightly symptoms would return in droves.

This was the same for exercise, I’d punish myself for missing a few days of practising yoga in fear that this would cause issues with my health.

So my message here is to not demonise foods. Or punish yourself for not exercising in favour of watching a documentary on Netflix (think you can tell what my sedentary fix is!)

Good and bad can coexist.

You don’t need to live on good only.

You can have a bit of the bad sometimes.

And I don’t know about you, but having a bit of bad enhances a lot of good in my life.

You too?









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