The Enemy

Something very close to my heart.


I was diagnosed with PCOS in the late 90s and hormones have been a huge enemy in my life.

Is this how you feel too?

Hormones the big bad enemy for you too?

Constantly attacking you!


Well, rest assured, you’ve got someone who knows what you’re going through. I’ve had my fair share of battles with hormones and not only reproductive hormones.

And one huge battle is the actual fight!

How do you win the battle?

It’s a battle dealing with the symptoms.

It’s a battle getting diagnosed.

And it’s a battle explaining the battle with others, a lot of the time, you look fine, don’t you?

It’s a constant battle!

And when it comes to the battle there’s one thing that really bugs me.

Especially when it comes to women being diagnosed with hormonal diseases.

What it is?

Well, I hate that women today are going through the same things I went through 25 years ago.

We’re given very few options to cope with hormonal conditions.

It’s a case of taking medication that pumps hormones into your body. And that’s it, no other options.

That’s what I went through 20+ years ago. You can read about my journey with PCOS by clicking the link in the PS section below.

Now, let me warn you, it’s a long read.

As you read it, you might find that you’re going through the battles I went through in the 90s and early 2000s.

And that’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

I mean it’s 2021 for god sake!

Anyway, you’ll find the link in the PS section at the end of this email.


As you read about my journey you’ll find out how I’ve been able to manage my symptoms and I’ve been symptom free for many many years.

My hormone posts will share how I’ve been able to manage my symptoms. I share what I did years ago and the things I continue to do today.

So, welcome aboard!

I hope you find the tips helpful and let’s see if you can change your current journey!


Until you see me again,