The white stuff! How white foods can cause inflammation to strike.

I’ve spoken about sugar and the sweeter things in life.

And I’ve shared that like many people I’m partial to the sweeter things in life on occasion!

I enjoy the buzz of cakes and biscuits (cookies)!

It’s a fantastic feeling!!!

But, I have to limit this feeling!

Because if I have too much of a buzz I know I’ll be asking for it!

I’ll be asking inflammation to strike!

When we have inflammation we should look at reducing white foods that can spark inflammation.

Yep, having a binge of the sweet stuff will most likely follow with feeling pants for a day or two or three.

And this will be followed by the

‘Why did I do this?’


‘Why did I do that?’

for the whole inflammation period.

I’ve learnt my limits to control the inflammation strike and you have to do this too!

So I’ve spoken about the white crystal stuff, sugar.

And when we think about sugar it’s usually the white crystals added to our tea, coffee, cereals and cakes.

We know about this stuff, don’t we?

But there’s other white stuff that give us a similar buzz.

Stuff like what?[You might be asking?!]

Well, do you eat a lot of white foods?

Foods like:

      • white flour
      • white bread
      • white potatoes
      • white rice.

Well if you do, this can be as bad as eating the cakes and sweet cereals above.

You see, when your body processes a potato it’ll be the same as having a cake.

In your body, all these foods are recognised as sugar.

So could this be an area to look into?

Are you partial to the white stuff like me?

Well, use the checklist to identify your issues with the white stuff.

And then use the tracker to get to work on reducing it.

Not removing it totally. [Because everyone needs the sweeter things from time to time]

But instead, look at reducing it!




Hello, I’m Cheryl. I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist (Nutritional Therapist) and I provide information to help people who suffer from autoimmune, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.

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