Thyroid Tiredness

Do you experience thyroid tiredness?

I can hear your answer!

“Well, Cheryl, I can barely open my eyes to read your email, that’s how tired I am”

You might be screaming that at me, are you?

If you are, I can feel your words of pain.

Thyroid tiredness or fatigue is the worst, isn’t it?

Whether you have high or low thyroid disease.

You can be sure to experience this type of tiredness.

And I say this type of tiredness as it’s a tiredness you’ve never ever experienced. Well, that’s the case for me!

If you have low thyroid levels that may or may not have been caused by Hashimoto’s disease you’re possibly tired all the time and feeling incredibly sluggish.

You’re possibly trying your damndest to keep your eyes open.

You’re struggling to scrape yourself out of bed every morning.

And the thought of dragging yourself to the bathroom causes panic.

“How the hell do I move my body, it feels so heavy!”

Ever felt like that?


Is tiredness a huge difficulty for you?

If it is, you might find my guide helpful. It’s called ‘The 1 thing causing your tiredness’.

You can read it by clicking the link below.  Pop over and have a look!!

Take Me To The Guide – The 1 Thing Causing Your Tiredness. 


Or maybe you’re like me a sufferer of high thyroid levels which may or may not have been caused by Graves Disease.

The worst thing with this type of thyroid disease is this…

You have fatigue.

Your eyes are heavy. Your body is heavy. Your brain feels heavy.

But do you think your body can sleep?

Hell no!

You can be awake for days. Running on zero.

And no matter what you do, you still can’t sleep.

Now, no one disease is better. Low thyroid isn’t easier than high thyroid.

One isn’t better than the other.

They’re both hell.

And although I’ve never experienced low thyroid levels I’ve experience fatigued when you sleep all the damn time. So, I can certainly relate to my low thyroid/Hashimoto’s cousins.

Now there’s things we can look at when it comes to fatigue.

And I’ll be addressing this over the next few weeks.

But until then, there’s something you can start straight away!

That thing is…





Now if you’re like me and you wear multiple hats as a woman.

[Let me just say, that I’m speaking as a female, and there are men out there who wear tonnes of different hats too! Phew got that out the way! Only joking! ]

Anyway, as a woman you’re a wife or partner, a mother, a daughter, and a working woman.

That’s a lot of hats. And that involves spinning a lot of plates!

Is this you?

If it is, you need to slow down and spin fewer plates.

Now you might read the next few words and tut at me. You’ll shout at your screen and you’ll say

“Yeah right, Cheryl, you don’t live in my shoes, this is impossible”.

But listen, it’s a must.

You can’t run on empty!

Let me say this again!

You can’t run on empty!

Ask for help!!!


  • If you can, delegate work around the house and cooking to family members.
  • Don’t worry if the house is a mess! I dare you to let your house be messy for a few days, so you can REST!
  • Don’t try and clean the whole house in 30 minutes. Spread it out over the day or week.
  • If you’re into fitness you might be finding your hour a day exercise regime is wiping you out. Pace yourself, cut back, do smaller chunks of exercise throughout the day!

I wrote a post all about pacing, you might find this interesting. You’ll find the link down below in the PS section. Go check it out!

Ok, so that’s all folks, until next Monday Thyroid Warriors.









  • . You might relate to this. This was my issue some years ago and I’ve really cut back. Look at the suggestions, may be you could try some of these too!