To caffeine or not caffeine when you have a chronic illness and inflammation!

To caffeine or not caffeine when you have a chronic illness and inflammation!


In the last post, we spoke about the effects of coffee when it comes to inflammation.

The effects of coffee can be from experiencing jittery nervous sensations, experiencing digestive issues such as diarrhoea and constipation to enhanced joint and muscular pain.


But for many of us, we’ll still continue in misery because we need that daily coffee hit and that’s because:

      1. it tastes so damn good, and
      2. It makes us feel so god damn good.

And the main one of the two is the ‘feeling’.

Coffee makes you feel like it’s a part of you.  You feel like you can’t live without it.

And the main reason for this is…







And that’s because caffeine is a stimulant.

It’s a drug!!


Caffeine is described by the Cambridge dictionary as being:

“a chemical, found for example in tea and coffee, that is a stimulant (= something that makes people more active)”

And the Oxford reference dictionary describes caffeine as:

“an alkaloid compound which is found especially in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system.”



Should you have caffeine when you have a chronic illness? Is caffeine making your symptoms worse? Find out if it's time to give it up!



Now, I don’t know what chronic illness you have but talking for myself I have a thyroid condition that when or if I relapse the main issue is an overactive central nervous system. 

So stimulating an already stimulated central nervous system is a no-go!

And I can only guess that if you’re reading this post this may be an issue for you too.

So it may be time to not give up the coffee




instead, look at giving up the…






And a great start is to look at decaf coffee!

Decaffeinated (decaf) coffee has no to extremely small amounts of caffeine.

So try decaf coffee and see if you can stop those horrible reactions.

Now a switch to decaf won’t make you feel the same!

So will you feel like you have the caffeine super strength to throw ten cars like the incredible hulk?





So be prepared to give up the caffeine feeling!

But one bonus is still being able to enjoy that beautiful bitter silky smooth tasting coffee!!!

I love coffee!

Can you tell?!!


So decaf is the way I go and I don’t experience any issues.

But that’s not to say everyone is the same and in the next post, I’ll talk a little more about decaf coffee.


See you soon for that!










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