Radio Active Iodine (RAI) is conventional medicines’ treatment for Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism.

RAI may be suggested if your thyroid levels continue spiralling out of control. Especially if thyroid levels have been high for a prolonged length of time.

I’m a sufferer who has been recommended a treatment of RAI.

By this time I had been suffering with Graves Disease for three months. My thyroid levels were extremely high and unstable. The worst of my symptoms (anxiety and palpitations) had diminished. But I still had issues with dizziness, blurred vision, muscle weakness, itching, insomnia and weight loss.

Looking back, this list looks like a mammoth amount of symptoms. I feel for those of you who are still battling with these symptoms after a number of years.

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Radio Active Iodine is prescribed as a drink or capsule and is given in a hospital setting. Once taken, it shrinks the thyroid. Shrinking the gland will affect the amount of thyroid hormones you produce. And in essence will lower the multitude of symptoms you experience. Treatment should lower the amount of thyroid hormones (thyroxine- T4 and triiodothyronine- T3) circulating in the body.

After your initial dose, your hormone levels are monitored. A further dose of RAI may be required if your hormones are still high. You will also be monitored to see if your levels are too low. If this is the case, you’ll be given a form of thyroxine to balance levels. Thyroxine0 will most likely be monitored and prescribed for your lifetime.


Before I continue, I am not here to judge. You have to do whatever you have to do. Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism is extremely dangerous. If you need to remove or partially remove your gland because of life threatening issues. Do it! Do what you need to do. In no way would I expect you to do the same as me.

Ahh! That’s out the way.

So, the first time RAI was presented to me. It was explained that I was suffering from thyroid storm. Thyroid storm is the term used to explain that your thyroid levels are extremely high.

I was absolutely ready to have the treatment. Until… The consultant explained I would have to be 6 foot away from my children for six weeks. Now at this time, I had a 6-month-old baby and a 24-month-old toddler. The stress this would have caused my children and myself would have been immense. I can’t imagine how that would have worked. Not being able to hold my babies, feed them, sit by them for 6 whole weeks. Unimaginable.

So I opted to keep my thyroid intact and to look at having RAI at a later date.


Luckily for me, the later date never came. This I believe due to my yoga practice and by this time I had been studying Nutritional Therapy. Nutritional Therapy uses food and nutrients to manage health and disease. It also promotes using these methods alongside conventional medicine.

So this is what I did. I followed a natural route, using yoga, diet and natural remedies alongside medication. My thyroid levels were monitored by my doctor and medication decreased gradually.

Due to this RAI was not needed. And after 18 months I was completely off my thyroid medications.

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 Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist and I provide advice and programs to help people who suffer from digestive, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.




This has led me to wonder why RAI and thyroidectomy are recommended so quickly.

Thyroidectomy is the partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland by operation.

They’re both seen as the treatment that will in some way lead to some miracle restoration of health.

In my eyes, this is not the case. The thyroid gland only addresses the symptoms and it fails to address the cause.

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The thyroid gland is not the issue for Graves sufferers, the immune system is the issue. So for me it doesn’t seem logical for my thyroid to be removed. And luckily for me, my thyroid levels haven’t been extremely high for eleven years. In this period I have had minor relapses but can usually pin point it to stressful events in my life. Which have been the cause for my weakened immune system.

I chose to not have radio active iodine (RAI). I still have my thyroid gland. Radio Active Iodine (RAI) treatment does cure Graves Disease


Luckily I’ve been able to dodge having RAI. I’m blessed that I still have my thyroid. I won’t rule out that this will be the case in the future. Because who knows what trials and tribulations will come my way. So I never say never. If my thyroid is causing issues that are life threatening, it will be removed.

But that will be after other avenues have been tried and tested.

We have to accept that we still have Graves Disease with or without a thyroid gland. And we must stop blaming the gland for our health problems.

Accept that, Graves Disease is an autoimmune disease, it’s not a thyroid gland disease.

Acceptance may lead to many more Graves sufferers keeping their thyroid gland. Instead of assassinating it with Radio Active Iodine.



 Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I’m a Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist and I provide advice and programs to help people who suffer from digestive, hormonal, thyroid and joint-related conditions.

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