We need to change our attitude about our illnesses

Changing our attitude about disease.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

― Maya Angelou

Being diagnosed with an illness

Changing attitude about our illnesses is important. Doing small things to change your attitude might be the only thing needed to help you to manage your disease.

Now I know this seems impossible especially if this is all new to you. When you’re first diagnosed with an illness it feels like the walls are caving in! Doesn’t it?

But that feeling can change!

To change that feeling you might just need to change your thinking around your illness.

To change our attitude, we need to embrace our diseases.

I know it sounds crazy!

How and why should we embrace something that makes us feel miserable daily?

Yes, I realise this sounds ridiculous. And yes, it’s hard, but after a while, you, like me will see the positives of your illnesses. You’ll subtly notice this.

But with all things in life, you need to give this time. In time, you might be able to see how your illness has allowed you to change your ways. Especially if those ways were self-destructive like mine were.

I can honestly say, my illnesses have made me who I am.

If it weren’t for my illnesses I don’t think my outlook on life would be as positive as it is now. Strange, er ??!!

My illnesses have made me a better person

My illnesses have given me a ‘get on with it’ attitude instead of a worrying nature. This is due to practising yoga. Yoga has instilled an attitude of not wallowing in things. And instead, gives me ways of coping with things.

This didn’t happen overnight. In no way did I wake up one day with a sudden change of outlook on life. In all honesty, I would say it’s taken me years to truly change my attitude. But results were clear to see after months of being proactive about my life.

So I’m not promising miracles here. This one is a slow burner!!

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What are the positives

Having an illness can make you feel positive in many ways. It makes you do things to cope.

The things that have allowed me to cope and be more positive is education, exercise and changing my diet.


When diagnosed with an illness. You’re told the name of your illness. Then given medications. Oh, and if you’re lucky you’re given tips on how to manage your illness. Then, you’re sent off on your merry way to figure things out alone.

You do not know about this illness. You’re left alone with lots of questions whizzing around in your head. What the hell is this illness? What do I do?

The questions keep on coming. And that why it’s so important to educate yourself about your illness.

There are many ways to do this and luckily we have lots of avenues to explore this.

The internet is a huge one.

I’ve leant so much from websites, forums and blogs. The internet is such a great way of learning.

Also, books on our illnesses are great to give us tips about lifestyle changes too.

Facebook groups are great too. You’ll see others suffering like you and this makes you realise you’re not alone.

So, I recommend gathering as much information about your illness. Never stop learning!


Being diagnosed with an illness can make you think differently about exercise. It’s great for our physical health but it’s also a great way to manage the stress that accompanies illness too.


Many of us with chronic illness have many sensitivities to foods. A diagnosis makes us aware of the foods we put into the body. This is a positive thing, and we can certainly reap the benefits in the future.


We need to change our attitude about our diseases.

So if you’re experiencing ill-health, look at the positives of how your feeling today in comparison to when you were first diagnosed.

It could be the change of diet and exercise that’s given you more energy. It could be that blog post you’ve read that’s made you change the way you’re thinking. Or it could be that Facebook group that has either given you information or allowed you to share advice to others.

These are all positives!!

This makes you become a better person. This gives you a more positive outlook for the future. But to do this we must change our attitude. Our attitude towards our illnesses needs to change. And our attitude about coping with our health needs to change also.

We also need to accept that it’s not a quick fix. This takes time. But in time you’ll see the benefits your illness has given you!

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