What colour food do you like?

So, what colour food do you like?


Strange question?

Yep, it is kind of.

This has possibly never crossed your mind, has it?

Ok, say let me help you.

Do you like green? You know your cabbages, broccoli, spinaches. Those leafy vegetables with a bitter taste.

Or maybe you like the sweetness of red. Like strawberries and tomatoes.

Or maybe you like all colours, you enjoy a rainbow of colours, having a range of different food colours.

If you’re a rainbow, then that’s great, keep that up. And if you like your bittery (not sure if bittery is a word, but I’m running with it anyway) green foods like me or your sweet reds, then that’s fine too.

But there’s one colour that’s not the best.

And especially not the best when you have hormonal imbalances.

What’s the colour?

Well, that colour is…







Are white foods your favourite coloured foods?

You’re possibly having white foods with every meal.

What colour is your breakfast?

Is it white with a sprinkle of beige with a heap of white crystals sprinkled over it?

Your lunch. Is it two white slabs of square-cut bread smothering some kind of filling?

And maybe your evening meal is filled with white pasta shells, noodles, or rice.

Is this familiar?

Well, don’t worry if it is!!

I’m not the food police.

And I’m not telling you to never have this colour ever again.

Listen, I’m partial to a sprinkle of the white crystals myself, sprinkled over a tasty dessert.

Oh yes, so tasty.

And no food police is going to tell me not to do it. [I’m being a bit of a rebel, aren’t I?]

So, I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m just throwing in a bit of advice.

So my advice.

Have a bit of white and beige. But not every single day.

Yes, I know the white cakes and beige pastries are tasty. But not every day.

This still gives you a bit of what you enjoy. But not enough to be detrimental to your health.


Ok, so what’s this white stuff doing to you.

Well if you’re like me, a sufferer of hormonal imbalances, you possibly have something called oestrogen dominance.

Do you have heavy periods, PMS, Endometriosis, Fibroids or PCOS? Well if you do, part of your hormonal imbalance involves a hormone called oestrogen.

Oestrogen is the dominant hormone in the first half of our menstrual cycles, thereafter a hormone called progesterone kicks in and becomes the more dominant force.

But, some of us have oestrogen dominance and this is when oestrogen continues being dominant in the second half of the cycle.

Now, oestrogen is like a bad smell that doesn’t go away. It likes to linger around. And it loves hanging out in a particular spot in your body.

Where’s that spot?


Your gut!


Yep, it lingers around in your gut and then it gets reabsorbed back into your bloodstream causing havoc!


So what should you do?

Well, you need to find ways of getting it out of your gut.

How can you get it out of your gut?







Fibre is your saving grace. You need foods that contain fibre.

And unfortunately, white coloured foods have little to no fibre at all.

Let me repeat that…


White coloured foods have little to no fibre at all.

So to flush this excess oestrogen out of your body you need fibre.

So spend some time looking at the foods you eat. What’s your favourite colour?

Is it white?

If it is, look at reducing it and adding a few more colours, these foods will give you fibre.

And look for whole grain varieties.

Whole grain varieties have fibre.

For instance, whole grain rice (brown rice) hasn’t had its fibre stripped away. If you love rice, go brown and ditch the white!

Until you read another hormone tip,