Why Supplement Safety is Crucial for Chronic Illness Management

Let’s talk supplements.

And specifically, supplements when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Now I flinch at times.


Well, I see people recommending that anyone and everyone must try this or that supplement for particular diseases and symptoms.

They recommend supplements like recommending sweets.

And recommending without looking at safety!

Supplements aren’t sweets!

They’re nutritional substances!!!

And substances react!

The main issues are interactions.

Interactions are the effects of one thing on another.

For example, we have interactions with people who can affect our thoughts or cause us to respond in a certain way.

This is the same when it comes to supplements too!

Now it may appear that I’m not a fan of nutritional supplements, when in fact I am.

But my gripe is when people pop these pills with no concern.

My gripe is when recommendations are thrown out there without mentioning how some of these vitamin, mineral and herb preparations could cause harm with certain illnesses and medications.

For instance, if you have issues with your heart and you take blood thinners with vitamin E or fish oils you’re at risk of excessive bleeding as they act as blood thinners in the body.

This is an important fact that isn’t mentioned.

For instance, I researched online vitamin B complex interactions.

The drug.com website listed 17 drugs that can have harmful effects when taken with vitamin B complex.

So please use supplements with caution especially if you’re diagnosed with diseases and taking medications.

I know it’s easy to ignore the recommendation to consult a healthcare professional, but it’s crucial that you do!

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Nutritionists (nutritional therapists), like myself, will always recommend supplements based on your current medications and diagnosis.

Now the recommendations I see tend to be on Facebook groups and online videos and it does make me flinch when supplements are recommended as a cure for all.

And yes, it’s impossible to know who is listening to this advice, so it’s spoken of in very general terms.

And that’s the danger!

So please do your research before taking any supplements!!!

That’s it for my rant today.

Have a great day,

Cheryl 👋 😃

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