Why the 8-Hour Sleep Rule Is a Myth: My Experience with 6 Hours of Sleep

Yesterday, I did some online training (nutritional therapy training) about insomnia.

And it’s got me thinking about all this advice we have about needing 8 hours of sleep per day.

My thinking is that this is just another number to make us all…

Freak out!!!

It’s yet another metric we have to adhere to!

Look, if I were to follow this so-called advice about sleep I’d be freaking out because…

I shouldn’t be functioning.

At the moment I’m getting by with 6-7 hours sleep. Well, it’s more 6 than 7 hours.

So, I’m down by two hours!

Should I freak out??!!!


And I’ll tell you why!

My 6 hours of sleep is enough for me.

I wake up without an alarm!

And when I wake up I’m full of energy!!!

In fact, when I sleep longer I know there’s something not quite right with me.

Am I about to get blasted with the flu?!

And it’s usually a huge YES.

Sleeping too long is my virus detector!

So look, don’t freak out if you’re sleeping 5 hours a day and you wake up full of beans like me.

Those 5 hours are possibly all the hours of sleep you need.

Some of the notable leaders of the world got by on less than 6 hours and were able to lead a country.

Margaret Thatcher got by on 4 hours of sleep.

Barack Obama only gets 6 hours of sleep.

Richard Branson only gets five to six hours of sleep and is an early riser like me!!

So don’t be scared by only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep if that’s your normal.

Now that’s not to say that lack of sleep (insomnia) or sleeping too much (hyperinsomnia or narcolepsy) aren’t real things!

I’ve experienced both of the above with my chronic illnesses and lack of or too much sleep is my detector for knowing I may be experiencing flare ups with my diseases!

If you have the above issues, it’s likely you’ll still feel tired after waking.

But if you’re waking up feeling fresh and raring to go on sleeping regularly for 6 hours a day. Then I say you’re good to go.

As I write I feel my next post will be on food recommendations for insomnia.

See you soon for the next one!

And I hope you get a good night’s sleep with however many hours YOU need!

Take care

Cheryl 👋

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