Why you should think about limiting fats if you have inflammation!

Why you should think about limiting fats if you have inflammation!

You know that eating fat is bad for the body.



So I’m not going to preach how bad you are for eating fatty foods.

I’m talking to you human to human.

I’m not here to waggle my finger at you and tell you how bad you are for eating sugary and fatty foods.

Because I know it’s HARD!

Switching off from all the foods that surround us every day isn’t an EASY task!

You step out your front door and it’s there enticing us.

You switch on the TV and it’s there!

You’re on your phone and it’s there.

‘Want a pizza delivered to your door in 5 seconds’




So I won’t be screaming at you like a sports coach to stop eating bad fats.

Because you know this already.

Everyone knows this!!!

But what I will do is make you aware and give you a choice!

If you’re anything like me, it’s choice that you need, not RULES!

Ugh, I hate RULES!!

Anyway, think you get my point!!

So let’s talk a bit more about fat!

So in a previous post, I listed the following foods to think about removing or reducing when it comes to fats. They are:

      • Red meats. (lamb, beef, pork- although organic and grass-fed animals may be more beneficial)
      • Sausages
      • Bacon
      • French fries/Chips
      • Potato Chips/Crisps
      • Corn oils
      • Soybean oil
      • Margarine.
      • Foods fried in oil
      • Food fried in high temperatures

The above foods probably form a part of your diet and when it comes to inflammation they can be a trigger.

Because they are high in two types of fats called…

      1. Saturated fat
      2. Omega 6 fat

These types of fat are very common in our diets!

Now, a lot is said about saturated fat, this is the fat we’re told to avoid because of heart disease and circulation.

Omega 6 fat isn’t that clear, because we need omega 6 oils.

But it can be difficult for some people as having too much omega 6 oils can switch on inflammation.

Also, having high levels of omega 6 oils can drown out the oil that is the inflammation-busting oil.

And I’ll be addressing the inflammation-busting oil in which you should be drenching yourself with another post.

So watch out for the oil to drench yourself in soon!




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