You are not an illness

You are not an illness

You are not an illness

It’s very easy to become an illness.

Remember, you are not an illness!

You have a name and a personality.

Remember who you were before diagnosis.

We are so much more than an illness. Our illnesses are not who we are.

Show people your beauty within.

Show people the strength you possess. That strength, which allows you to keep going day after day.

That’s who you are!

Stop expecting the same results!

One size doesn’t fit all. Are you expecting the same results as everyone else

PCOS and my experience with this disease

PCOS and Me

My experience suffering with Graves Disease

Graves Disease and Me. Graves Disease mistaken as a Virus.

Be grateful for the few good days of health.

You can’t take one day of good health for granted.

Do you feel like a champion?


Do you feel like hurdles are continuously in your way?

Hurdles in the way