You can’t take one day of good health for granted.

You can’t take one day of good health for granted.

“You can’t take good health for granted.”
Jack Osbourne.

You can’t take one day of good health for granted.

People with relatively good health seem to take their health for granted. Well that’s how it may seem to sufferers of ill-health. If you’re like me and have a chronic illness, you may have felt like this. We mustn’t begrudge people for their good health. Instead, we must work on ourselves and find things to make our lives feel more fulfilled.

What’s around the corner

As sufferers of ill-health we never know what’s around the corner. Our health seems to be continually flipping between wellness and flare-ups.

One month we feel as though we can climb a mountain, the next we can barely climb a step.

These are difficult times to conquer. Aren’t they?

I’m a sufferer of hormonal, autoimmune disease and arthritis. And I’ve had many difficult periods of ill-health. Maybe you, like me, have felt as though your world is caving in. That feeling of not being able to see a flicker of light appear to take you out of the darkness.

I’m sure you can relate if you’re reading this as a sufferer of chronic illness.

Embrace the good days

I hope for most of you, you’re able to see some light. Maybe you’ve notice you’re having a couple of good days a week. Embrace these days. Try to cherish these odd days of good health.

I know it’s difficult as this one day may feel like something out of the ordinary. But who knows, this one day may become two and eventually lead to one week.

Don’t take that one good day for granted

For myself, I cherish the good days. I cherish the fact that my bad days are now fewer than the days I feel well. I’ve come to terms that may illnesses are most likely here to stay and that I will have periods of chronic pain and fatigue. I’m thankful of those days when I’m feeling well. And by all means, don’t take these days for granted.

So yes, for the masses I would say, you can’t take good health for granted.

For sufferers of ill-health we must break this down a little further. And I would say, we can’t take a day of good health for granted.

That one day could turn into weeks. Maybe months. Possibly years!

We must remember to heal the mind as well as the body

Being a sufferer of hormonal and autoimmune disease qualifies you as a champion
Being sufferers of hormonal and autoimmune disease qualifies us as champions

Hurdles in the way. Blocking achievement of health and fitness goals.

Finding motivation when feeling a failure

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