It’s hard to feel like a champion when you’re a sufferer of hormonal and autoimmune diseases.

You may be reading this as a newly diagnosed sufferer. And can’t imagine a light outside the symptom tunnel.

You may have been experiencing your disease for a number of years. Experiencing short periods of wellness followed by long bouts of illness.

Its hard coming to terms with the symptoms and the fact that you may have this disease for a lifetime.

You don’t feel much of a champion when your disease changes your appearance and you feel judged by others.

Then you have the advice of your nearest and dearest that suddenly become your doctor. Possibly telling you how you should be managing your illness with remedies. Their advice is coming from a good place. But with all this so-called knowledge, you certainly don’t feel like a champion.

I understand!

You're a champion as a sufferers of hormonal and autoimmune diseases


You are a champion!

Firstly, experiencing these symptoms on a daily basis makes you a champion. It takes a lot of work mentally and physically to be dealing with these symptoms. This most certainly make you a stronger person and makes you a winner.

Secondly, you are dealing with your inner critic. Personally, you may be questioning and coming to terms with your disease. Asking yourself why and how this has happened. Day by day you come to terms with the mental and emotional aspects of your disease. This makes you a champion.

Thirdly, you have to deal with external critics. People you know and don’t know well will ignorantly assume you aren’t as ill as you say you are. It’s difficult to imagine a person’s pain without experiencing it ourselves. And without visual signs its difficult for people to see our pains.

We are visual beings. So, it’s not easy to detect illness without seeing a limp or a rash which usually alarms people to pain. It’s frustrating as a sufferer to have to explain that disease can be invisible. The constant explaining and patience that you have to undertake makes you a champion.

And lastly, your a champion because you strive to find strategies to cope with your disease. These strategies help you fight and rise above the constant knock backs and falls.

We constantly rise against adversity. This makes us champions.


I’ve experienced quite a few falls being a sufferer of Graves Disease and PCOS. These falls allow me to learn more about my diseases. They spur me on to find strategies to deal with the cause of my symptoms.

This makes me, you and other sufferers of hormonal and autoimmune disease ‘champions’.

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