You know you better than I know you.

Go with your gut when looking for solutions to improve your health.

Don’t know about you.

But I hate being told what to do.

It never sits right with me.

I was like this as a child and fortunately or unfortunately this has carried over into adulthood.

And when it comes to the must-do things…

You know the must-dos we have to do to control our chronic illness symptoms, yawn yawn…

Trust your gut when choosing solutions to help your health. You know your body better than anyone!

You know the stuff, don’t you?

When it comes to that stuff…

I hate it!

Now you may be thinking 🤔 

Cheryl isn’t this what you do?

Well, yes, I’m here recommending stuff to you.

But I’d like to call what I do suggestions or options.

I prefer being given options!

With options I can take it or leave it.

So in this podcast that’s what I’m talking about.

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